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Are Moles Voles?


Lawn Pests In Kansas

These are two pests that are often confused with one another, and sometimes mistaken for the same animal. But besides having a similar name and a penchant for digging tunnels under your lawn, these two creatures couldn't be more different. Let's take a closer look and see what makes them different.

Do I Really Need Pest Control Services?


Band-Aid On Knee

Many people look at pest control like they look at medical problems. If you have a small cut on your finger you're not going to rush to the hospital. You'll clean it up, put some bacterial ointment on, and slap a Band-Aid on that thing. Right? There is no need to spend $400 on a visit to the ER. No matter what the medical issue, you're going to make a decision based on a few factors: Can I fix…

Journey Of A Meadow Mouse



In a field on the outskirts of a large yard, a mother vole (AKA meadow mouse) gives birth to three dozen of the one hundred offspring she can birth in a year. The babies forage close to home at first. But soon their natural inclination to explore sends them out farther, to the edge of the nearby yard. They look out across fifteen feet of mowed lawn and raise their noses in the air. There is…

Termites And Real Estate Inspections In Kansas


For Sale Sign

Does your real estate agent have a friendly smile and a welcoming personality? That's great. Now look past those things and get to what really matters. Do they know how to properly determine whether or not you're stepping into a money pit? Here is what you'll need to know to protect yourself.

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