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Termites In The West Wing


Image of The White House

When we think of the White House, we think of an impenetrable fortress where matters of national security, global diplomacy, and governmental control happen. We think of men and women in suits and business attire on phones and computers fighting for the causes they believe in. What we don't think of is termites.

Termite Control In Kansas


Image of Termites

With the approach of spring, it is more important than ever for you to revisit the idea of termite protection. Don't wait till swarmers pour out of your walls, revealing a secret infestation. With billions of dollars in property damage linked to termites each year in the United States, you need to know what you're up against. These wood eating insects can crawl into your walls and secretly eat the…

How To Keep Your Home A Roach Free Zone


image of a cockroach on a cracker box

The cockroach can be found scurrying through the night and retreat to the darkest corners of your home the moment someone flips the light switch. These pests spend all of their time hiding in the shadows, waiting for darkness to come so that they can invade your kitchen, looking for their nightly meal. These bugs can be under counters, sinks, refrigerators and stoves. These insects breed very…

What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions


Image Of A Scorpion

I'm sure you are aware that it is never a good idea to flip a sandbag, rock, or chunk of wood over without being careful. You know that scorpions hide under these things. And, they can be anywhere outside. But they also get into your home--especially bark scorpions. It won't be long until someone coins the phrase "common house scorpion." But do you know why these scorpions come into your house…

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