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Prepare For Box Elder Bugs


box elder bugs on foundation of home

Some things in life are constant. Every four years the Olympics come around, every August stores are filled with back to school sales, every October coffee shops have pumpkin flavored everything, and at the end of every summer large groups of box elder bugs congregate on the sunny side of homes and other buildings! Why you ask? Well, they are drawn to the warmth of the sun and are trying to find a…

Protect Your New Home From Pests


couple in front of sold sign

You’ve done it. You have finally found your dream home, and are ready to move into it. Whether it is a home that you planned, designed, and built from the ground up, or it is an older home that is new to you and your family, moving is an exciting adventure!

Topeka's Top Termite Protection


installing termite bait station

When it comes time to protecting your home against termites, you will want the most advanced treatment on the market. You will want very precise and targeted applications and an exclusive damage warranty to protect your property from these silent destroyers. This is what you can expect when you contact Schendel Pest Services and ask for their Schendel Termite Elimination and Protection…

Why Call a Professional to Remove Wildlife


raccoon babies in tree

It is never a good idea to fool around with wildlife that has invaded your home or yard. No matter how cute, animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when cornered or protecting their young. It is always best to consult professional wildlife control experts.

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