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Moles vs Gophers: What's In Your Yard?



You may be thinking that you're about to get an epic article about which of these two animals would win in a fight, but let's face it, those moles wouldn't really have a chance. Your average gopher is bigger, stockier and--what was the other thing? Oh yeah, not blind. If these two creatures were to face down in a MMA fight, the mole wouldn't know what hit it. So, rather than bore you with that…

Prevent Roaches From Taking Over


lady stepping on roach

Cockroaches - anybody can become a victim of them, and nobody wants them in their home. Cockroaches are unwanted for good reasons- they contaminate food and food prep areas, carry and transmit many human pathogens like bacteria and even parasitic worms, and can trigger asthma attacks in people particularly in very young children. It is very important to protect yourself and your home from becoming…

Why Bed Bugs Are Still Around


Bed Bug

Fifty years ago bed bugs were virtually non-existent, but in recent years they have made a huge comeback and are not backing down. The question that most people have is- why? Why are there so many and in so many places, and why are we having to worry about and protect ourselves against these blood-sucking pests again? The pros at Schendel want to answer these frequently asked questions and help…

Are Camel Crickets Dangerous?


camel cricket in a topeka home

They look like something out of a horror film, but camel crickets are far from dangerous to humans.

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