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Selling Your Home From The Inside Out


Home ready to go on the market

Have you seen the movie, Leap Year? In it, the leading lady has a unique job most people have never heard of. It is called staging. The job of the stager is to take an empty house or apartment and fill it with furniture, nicknacks, and expensive decor. Why? So that potential buyers are able to see its potential. You see, the stager understands a fact most home sellers don't: A house is filled with…

Is it Possible to Have Pest Control as a Pet Owner?



Having pets and pests is never a good combination. Sometimes it is your very own pets that are bringing in the pests with them like ticks and fleas. Also certain pests can cause allergic reactions with your pets or even spread disease to your pets. When you notice pests invading your home it is best to call a professional pest exterminator to help you eliminate any current pests and help you keep…

Why Clogged Gutters Attract Mosquitoes & Other Bugs


image of clogged gutters

There are many places around a home that collects standing water. This can include low spots in the ground, birdbaths, flower pots and wading pools. However, one overlooked water problem is in the area of clogged gutters.

Calls About Ants In Topeka Increasing


Ant In Topeka

Are you surprised? It happens every year about this time. Ants get it into their heads that pumping out a million babies and climbing all through our yards and all over our houses is a good idea. Well, it isn't, ants! Cut it out!

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