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Is That A Carpenter Bee Or A Honey Bee?


carpenter bee on flower

There is nothing exciting about the buzz of bees darting around as you go outside to do some gardening. The idea of getting attacked by a swarm of bees is not the least bit appealing. However, before panic and pandemonium set in, properly identifying the culprit doing the buzzing is the first step. Is it a honey bee? Or perhaps a carpenter bee?

Bed Bug Bite Identification


bed bug bites

Okay. You have bites. But are they bed bug bites? It can be hard to tell. After all, there are lots of bugs that bite. Fortunately, bed bugs leave behind very distinctive clues behind.

Are Centipedes Dangerous?


centipede crawling in sink

We all know centipedes are creepy. And most of us are not comfortable to sit back and watch a little television if we just saw a centipede on the way back from getting some microwave popcorn. We're going to chase it and kill it, right? This is not a bug we can tolerate, like an ant or a beetle. Centipedes look dangerous with their hard exoskeleton and sharp pointy legs sticking out their sides…

Why Do I Have Springtails?


springtail up close

We're going to assume that you already know what a springtail is, since you're checking out this article titled, "Why do I have springtails." Our focus is going to be to establish what conditions that may have caused this tiny, annoying pest to enter your home by the hundreds or even thousands, and explain how reducing these conditions can actually deter them from continuing to come in. Read the…

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