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Is That A Mosquito Bite Or A Bed Bug Bite?


Woman scratching a bug bite

Two insect bites that are very difficult to tell apart are mosquito bites and bed bug bites. Knowing the difference is important because mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases while bed bugs cannot.

Earwigs Are Beneficial


earwig on leaf

When the topic of earwigs comes up, which is hardly ever unless you're an entomologist, the word "beneficial" is not often used. Earwigs are most notably associated with the myth that they crawl into the ears of humans and feed on their brains. But the truth is, earwigs do have a benefit. Sure, the benefits are limited, and the issues they cause far outweigh those benefits, but when earwigs are…

Don’t Let Rodents Take Over Your Home


mouse found in the kitchen of a kansas home

Mice and other rodents look for any shelter that will keep them warm in the winter and provide a source of food. Houses of any size, whether clean or dirty, are a prime target for these little creatures. If you haven’t rodent-proofed your home, you could find yourself the victim of a rodent take-over! Once inside, mice can quickly multiply and cause expensive damages to the structure of your…

Bed Bugs Going Back To School


child getting off school bus

It is that time of year again when all the kids are back in school; routine is restored, friends will be made, and memories will be had. The memory you don’t want to have from this school year is bed bugs, yep, bed bugs. When the kids go back to school there is always a chance that they will come into contact with these parasitic pests and accidentally introduce them into your home. The…

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