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Pest Zoning For Dummies


Image of a city

In a city, zoning is a way of making sure things get built where it is appropriate to have them built. If you want large businesses to clump all their tall buildings in one space so that employees can hop between them and get their business done more efficiently, you need to zone an area for commercial structures. If you want sprawling suburbs on the outskirts of your city, you need to zone those…

Are You Living In A Block Of Cheese?


Image Of A holey Piece Of Cheese

All homes have cracks and holes, but the older the home, the more they will have. Moisture causes rotting, and pests exploit those rotted places. Ants burrow, termites eat, rodent gnaw, and creepy crawlies push their way into the hollow spaces of your walls--like you're living in a giants block of cheese. In fact, termites see your home as nothing but a giant piece of food. So when spring comes…

Bed Bugs In Topeka


Image of a Bed Bug

Most people don't give a thought to bed bugs till they experience the horror of being eaten alive--or watch a neighbor go through a heat treatment. This is a bug that can turn your world upside down. Here are few things you probably don't know about bed bugs and some tips on how to keep your Topeka home safe.

Termites In The West Wing


Image of The White House

When we think of the White House, we think of an impenetrable fortress where matters of national security, global diplomacy, and governmental control happen. We think of men and women in suits and business attire on phones and computers fighting for the causes they believe in. What we don't think of is termites.

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