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What Is Causing Damage To My Lawn?


mole digging up lawn

Do you want to see something cute? Google the term "cute moles." Now we're not talking about the little brown kind on the faces of beauty queens. We're talking about the dark grey, furry kind. These moles have the most adorable little long noses, tiny little eyes, and sweet little smiling mouths. However, you may notice that their fingers are not so cute. In fact, they look almost scary. They are…

Top 10 Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide


bed bug crawling on bed

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere, here are the top 10 places they like to hide.

Centipedes in Your Home Are Not Something to Play Around With


house centipede in sink

When centipedes are on our television screens, it can be great fun spending hours and hours annihilating those creepy crawlies as they keep coming and coming. But having real centipedes invade is not a game anyone wants to play. Not only are centipedes a disgusting pest to have around, they can be dangerous under certain conditions.

Kansas Warm Winters + Wet Springs = Trouble For Pets!


dog itching

Do you have a cute little baby kitten, or perhaps a fluffy pup? Maybe you have a ginormously huge Great Dane, or a cat that can out-eat Garfield? Whatever the case may be, this spring it would be wise to be on your guard against fleas. You see, warm winters mean that fleas, as well as ticks, will be on the rise. And if spring proves to be wetter than usual, then the problem becomes even worse…

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