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Is Leaf Defender Perfect For Your Home?


diagram of leaf defender

One of the most dreaded tasks each fall is climbing up that ladder to clean out your gutters. Perhaps it is the smell or the gunk that sticks to your gloves or maybe you just don’t like heights. It may be that you are tired of dealing with those pesky mice that seem to find living in your gutters desirable. Possibly it is the fact that you don’t like being stung by the hornets or wasps…

Bed Bugs Found In Senior Housing Facilities


senior citizen doing puzzle

A bed bug has found its way in and the unseen war has begun. The battle between humans and bed bugs has started. Soon an ally will be transported in and the enemy will expand its army to thousands within a matter of months. One single female will produce more than five thousand bed bugs in six months - they are capable of laying one to seven eggs after each feeding. Bed bugs are attracted to heat…

Centipedes: Scary for sure, but dangerous?


centipede found in basement

You have to admit that centipedes are creepy. Maybe it’s because of their odd coloring, or perhaps it is because of all those tiny legs that can move and wriggle in all directions at once, or maybe it is the fact that they squirm and worm like a snake, or perhaps it is all of the above. When you sit and look at a centipede, it is hard to decide if they bother you because they can resemble a…

Interview With Joe Davidson


tk business live radio show

Recently, our branch manager Joe Davidson visited the studio of TK Business Live, to talk with Tara Dimick about Topeka pest issues. It was an informative conversation touching on everything from termite control for businesses, to walls crawling with bed bugs.

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