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Secret Weapon Against Bed Bugs


bed bug up close

There is a war going on in the United States. An age-old enemy has resurfaced after a short retreat and is slowly spreading its armies across our country at an alarming rate. They hide in the shadows. They know where we sleep. And they attack without warning. That's right. We're talking about bed bugs. These tiny blood-eating insects are making a comeback here in the states.

Crickets As Food?


cricket on blade of grass

When you think of crickets the word food probably doesn't come to mind. These are pests that get into our walls and keep us up all hours of the night with their incessant chirping. These are creepy, alien creatures that land on us while we're watching television and jump us out of our skins. They're not food. Well, not in the United States, anyway. Maybe on some remote island in the Pacific, but…

Why DIY Pest Control Does Not Work


residential technician performing service

While there are many things that you can tackle by yourself, when dealing with pests it is best to contact a professional like Schendel Pest Services.

Rodents Make Terrible Houseguests


mouse contaminating piece of bread

Both rats and mice will take advantage of a free place to call home. They can be problematic in Kansas homes all year long, but can be particularly problematic during the colder winter months. Starting in late fall rodents will start searching for a place to live and nest that provides them with a safe, warm shelter and access to an all-they-can eat food source. If you don’t take precautions…

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