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How Rain Affects Mosquitoes


mosquito in puddle

The summer season is noted for many things, not the least of which includes your outdoor activities being interrupted by those pesky mosquitoes. And a summer season with lots of rain means an even heavier population of mosquitoes. Here in Kansas, the theme of this summer has been rain, and lots of it. Unfortunately, as we all know, this means mosquitoes and lots of them.

Where Do The Pests Go When It Rains?


Rainy Day

Bugs and animals forage in your yard for food and water. When it rains, animals will look for a place to hide from the rain. That place might be your home, if they can find a way in.

Had enough of Ticks in Kansas?


tick attached to skin

t is that time again; time to talk about ticks and while you may not think tick talk is exciting or important, at Schendel we think otherwise. We believe that knowing about and understanding ticks is vital to the health and safety of your family. Not only are ticks a huge nuisance, seriously who wants to find a tick attached to their body, but they carry and transmit a wide variety of pathogens…

Put The Squeeze on Fleas



Do you have unwanted fleas in your home? It’s time to give them the boot. Put the squeeze on those fleas and send them packing. Fleas can be a real pain to find in your home.

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