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Bed Bug Treatment Options in Topeka


bed bug crawling on skin

All of the fuss of the holiday season is over. The whirlwind tour to make sure that all of the family had a visit, and you made an appearance at every get together between December 23rd and the first of the year. Finally, there is a little bit of time to catch a breath and figure out what wonders 2017 will bring. Many probably have plans to hibernate for the rest of the winter with a remote…

How to Get Rid of Rats


rat found in kansas home

If your home becomes invaded by rats, they will continue living happily ever after enjoying the easy access to unlimited sources of food – and leaving you with a lengthy list of problems to deal with as a result.

Why Do I Have Earwigs In My Home?


earwig up close

Before answering that pressing question, let’s take a look at some basic facts about this interesting creature.

Pest Threaten Food Processing And Storage Facilities Face Everyday


food processing plant in kansas

There are three things that like us, pests can’t live without- food, water, and shelter. It just so happens that food processing and storage facilities offer all three of these things in an almost unending supply. This makes food processing and storage facilities major targets for pest infestations; the best way to protect your facility from the wide variety of pests that are trying to find…

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