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Managing Termite Risk


termite bait station install

There are a lot of ways businesses defer risk. And, there are many types of insurance that safeguard against the unexpected. If you're not prepared for the unexpected, it can kick your feet out from underneath you. No business needs that. That is why it is important to understand how to manage termite risk. Here's why.

I Have Only Seen a Couple Bed Bugs. Should I be Concerned?


bed bug crawling on bed in topeka

Your suspicions about bed bugs have led you here. You spotted a couple bed bugs in your sheets or furniture, and now you are not sure what to do next. You are asking yourself, “should I worry about a couple bed bugs?” The answer is always yes. Read on to find out why just a couple bed bugs are cause for greater concern.

How to Get Rid Of Spring Mice


mouse in walls of topeka home

Even though the weather is getting nicer with the arrival of spring, you may have some unwanted pests in your home. MICE! You may not have noticed that the mice that have overwintered in your home during the colder months are still there, and they are not just going to pack up and leave. Your home has everything they need including food and water. They have gotten comfortable inside your home, and…

Is Termite Service Really Necessary?


termites up close

Termites can damage both homes and businesses, invest in termite protect to avoid termites and the damage they cause.

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