Bed Bug Canine Inspection

The Fastest, Most Reliable Way To Find Bed Bugs 

At Schendel Pest Services, we realize that in order to effectively solve a bed bug problem, it is critical to find them first. Because bed bugs often congregate in areas that are not visible to the naked eye, we rely on bed bug dog detectives. Using their keen sense of smell, we are able to pinpoint sources of bed bugs with extreme speed and accuracy. Ideal for hotel rooms, apartment buildings and other commercial facilities and residential dwellings, a bed bug canine inspection, when used in combination with effective bed bug treatments, is the smartest solution to your bed bug problem. For K9 bed bug inspections, you can trust Schendel’s bed bug dog to quickly and accurately locate bed bugs in your home or business.

Why Should You Use A Bed Bug Dog?

The “nose” has been used for years by military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs, drugs and more. It only made sense to use this cutting edge technology to detect bed bugs and is considered the latest advancement in pest inspections.

  • Bed bug dogs are 98% accurate at detecting live adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs while a typical pest professional generally has a 40-60% accuracy rate.

  • While it only takes a bed bug dogs 2 to 3 minutes to inspect a single room, it can take a pest control professional 15 to 20 minutes per room.

  • Bed bug dogs average 20 hotel rooms or 10 apartments an hour, compared to 3 to 4 rooms an hour for a pest professional.

  • Bed bugs can be detected in cluttered rooms, mattress seams, upholstered furniture, in carpet as well as in cracks and crevices through scent. A trained pest control professional is limited to visual identification only.

Schendel’s Star Bed Bug Dog Detectives

Our dogs are rescued by a trainer who specializes in teaching dogs to sniff out bed bugs, all of the dogs employed by Schendel have graduated from his class with honors and are trained in accordance to the NPMA standards. Our bed bug dogs are ready to inspect your property today.

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