Act Now Against Stink Bugs

Act Now Against Stink Bugs


Next spring, when you are just starting to see the mercury creep back up on the thermometer the last thing you want to see are hundreds of stink bugs swarming your windows as they creep out of their winter hiding spot inside your home. It’s not a pleasant site when you realize that all these bugs are inside your house and that they have been there for a few months. It always kind of makes you think of a scary movie scene where the insects finally do manage to take over the world! And, who would like being that outnumbered by insects, anyway? Especially ones that know how to fly!

When our spring starts this way, it is actually the results of stink bugs coming into our home in the previous fall. You see, brown marmorated stink bugs do not like the cooler winter temperatures. They would much rather spend their winter months inside our houses. They spend these peaceful cold months tucked quietly away in the voids of our warm, home walls. You could say that they are snug as a bug in a wall. They may emerge on really warm days, but the majority of them wait until they know for sure that spring has sprung and then they quickly try to find the nearest source of sunshine by heading for windows, light fixtures and doors. This is when the battle begins. We try to vacuum them up. It’s not an attractive dance as we run around the house with our vacuum cleaners wand and try to suck them up without squishing them because when they are squished they leave a parting gift; their unique ‘stink’. It’s their own little ‘aroma’, and it isn’t so pleasant. Trying to fight them with the wand of the vacuum while we simultaneously fight back all the goose bumps and all over body shutters of disgust is how many of us get to celebrate the first few warm hours of spring. Great! Sounds like a fun plan!

Seriously, how can we avoid this dance with stink bugs in the spring? Preparation in the fall with help from the experts here at Schendel Pest Services is the best way to guarantee a stink bug free spring next year. These tiny bugs creep into your house by the hundreds in the fall through tiny holes in the exterior of your home. They can come in through tiny imperfections in your exterior walls, as well as any holes in your window and door insect screens. Keeping them off your home is crucial to keeping them out of it. We have the experience and know how to keep them off your home and thereby keeping them out. Act now to avoid the spring time dance with stink bugs by contacting us today.