Ant Season Is Upon Us

Ant Season Is Upon Us


Who doesn’t love April? The weather is warming up and people everywhere are throwing open their windows and doors to let in some fresh air. The world around us is getting greener, and folks are getting out into the sunshine after what seemed like an eternity between November and March. Everyone loves spring, even those who are die-hard fans of winter.

We do have to keep in mind, though, as we are preparing for warm weather hikes, baseball games, picnics in the park, and trips to the lake, that people are not the only ones who are glad to see April arrive at last. April is also the beginning of ant season. These tiny creatures come out of where ever they were hiding all winter long looking for all the things that a hardworking ant looks for: food, water, and potential nesting spots for a new generation.

All too often, when we see little black ants scurrying across the floor in the house, we either ignore it or step on it and forget about it. It is true, that a single ant might just be there looking for something sweet to take back to a few thousand of its friends in their nest outside, but it is just as likely that if worker ants have discovered that they have been able to find the solution to their need of food, water, and a new nesting site right in your home that they will bring their friends and move in.

Luckily, you can do your part to help prevent this from happening. Ants are attracted to food. Spend some extra time cleaning up any spills of food or drinks immediately, even those few grains of sugar that fell from the spoon when you got into the sugar bowl. Make sure that any spills of flour or grains in your pantry get cleaned up as well. Ants are pretty amazing at seeking these staples out. Consider putting all of these items in hard plastic containers that ants cannot get into. Take the time each day to do all of the dishes, sweep the floors, and clean the counters. Any leftover crumb can attract ants. Any garbage should be taken out each day, as well.

It can take more than a clean kitchen to protect your home from ants. Outside, entry points need to be considered. Look over windows and doors to make sure that screens are in good repair and that gaps around doors and windows are insulated well. Keep any rain gutters clear to prevent dampness from seeping into walls and make sure that any trees, shrubs, or grass are trimmed away from the siding. To ants and other pests, these are just highways to gain access.

These tips can help prevent an ant infestation, but nothing is foolproof. If you suspect you have a nest of ants living inside your home or if you are seeing way too many of them in the kitchen, give Schendel Pest Services a call. Our highly-trained technicians will not only remove the ants that you can see, but they will also track down the ones that are not so easily detected. Then, using safe and effective products, they will eliminate the threat quickly leaving your family free to go ahead and continue planning a season’s worth of activities ant free.

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