Ants In Restaurants: What You Need To Know


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The restaurant business is extremely stressful even without added problems. As an owner or manager of a food service business there is so much to think about on a daily basis, but when a problem arises like an ant infestation, you can become overwhelmed quickly. Not only do you have to rid the restaurant of the pesky ant infestation, but your customers may become aware of the problem as well. Perhaps they see ants marching about as they sit at their table and eat their delicious meal. Even your most devoted customers may be horrified and become anxious at the sight of this pest, and this may cause them to spread the word that your restaurant is infested with pests. Customers will start eating somewhere else down the road and you will start losing customers. Losing customers will certainly hurt your good reputation and the bottom line, your profits.

The best thing you can do right now is to not to panic! Take a deep breath and call a reputable pest control company in your area immediately. You don’t want to lose any more profit or damage your good reputation. You may be thinking you can take care of this problem yourself. Actually, there may be a few things you can do on your own to help, like cleaning up spills right away, avoid leaving any food sitting out or dirty dishes laying around, you can also make sure floors are mopped daily, keep trash tightly sealed and disposed of every night. In addition, you should keep your restaurant clean at all times to discourage pests from finding tiny morsels that will keep them coming back for more.

An experienced pest control technician will be more efficient and effective at ridding your business of your ant problem. It’s important that you contact a qualified pest control company that is experienced in treating a business that prepares food. You won’t want any chemicals contaminating your food sources. Once the professionals have treated and eliminated the ant infestation, don’t stop there. You are going to want to prevent future pests from damaging your business and reputation. It would be wise to set up a year-round pest control service that can give you peace of mind every day. You will not have to worry about an infestation, your customers will be happy and your profits won’t be compromised.

Schendel Pest Commercial Services is here for you in the Topeka, Kansas area. We can keep your facility protected and pest-free and we offer a customizable service that can suit the needs of your industry. Our professional technicians are highly effective in ridding facilities of current pests, we also use the latest techniques and products to help keep them from coming back. Give us a call today.


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