Are Centipedes Dangerous?

Are Centipedes Dangerous?


We all know centipedes are creepy. And most of us are not comfortable to sit back and watch a little television if we just saw a centipede on the way back from getting some microwave popcorn. We’re going to chase it and kill it, right? This is not a bug we can tolerate, like an ant or a beetle. Centipedes look dangerous with their hard exoskeleton and sharp pointy legs sticking out their sides. But, are they?

Household Pest Dangers

  • Bites or stings. When pests get into our homes, one of the first ways they will be dangerous is by threatening us with bites or stings that can sometimes be poisonous. Centipedes can bite and it can hurt, but they don’t prefer to bite humans. These insects do not eat blood; they eat other insects. And, while they do carry poison in their glands, this poison doesn’t cause anything more than localized pain.

  • Disease. When bugs and animals get into our homes they can spread illness. Bugs wiggle through our trash and then crawl on food prep surfaces. They crawl around on our toilets and then on our toothbrushes. They can also carry diseases inside their bodies. Centipedes are not known to be a danger in either of these ways. This is not an insect that will spread harmful bacteria around your home and they are not known to be vectors for disease.

  • Property damage. There are many pests that can damage your home by chewing on wood and other household items. This type of behavior is mostly damaging to your pocketbook, but when carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites, or powderpost beetles damage wood structures, those structures can collapse and result in injury. Centipedes do not damage your home. They get in through cracks that already exist, and they do little to make those entry points bigger.

  • Mental duress. Next to bed bugs and poisonous spiders, there are few pests that can compete with centipedes in the category of mental duress. These are hard, creepy pests that move quickly. That’s all we have to say about that.

While house centipedes are not considered to be a dangerous pest, they are not generally welcome in any home. If you’re finding them in your home, it is a sign that you have entry points that must be sealed. These pests can also be particularly troublesome if you have children. Many kids are drawn to bugs and their behavior can scare centipedes into biting.

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