Are Clover Mites Dangerous?

Are Clover Mites Dangerous?


We have recently received a lot of questions about clover mites including are clover mites dangerous and how do you get rid of clover mites. If you are like the many home and business owners concerned about these tiny red bugs that are showing up in Kansas City, Topeka and all across Kansas and the Midwest, our pest control team is here to provide information about clover mites.


Clover mites are not dangerous; however our team of KS pest control professionals would label them a nuisance as they have a tendency to find their way into homes and businesses. Clover mites are not considered an insect but rather a type of mite and are related to ticks and spiders. They are tiny and to the naked eye simply look like little red bugs. They do not bite, spread disease or cause any structural damage which is good news. But this does not mean they are easy to control or prevent.


Clover mites are typically found outside because they feed on grass, flowers and other landscaping and vegetation. But it only takes a tiny crack on the exterior of your home or facility for clover mites to get inside. This means that even the smallest openings can be plenty of space for these tiny, red mites to welcome themselves inside. So, what can you do if you already have clover mites infesting your home or business? If you do happen to find clover mites in your Kansas City, Topeka or surrounding KS home or business, please contact Schendel Pest Services today.


Our year round pest control services are ideal for controlling pests both inside and outside of your home. While clover mites are most common to infest structures during the spring and fall, they can be found anytime. In addition to maintaining your regular pest control service, we also recommend making sure that your home or facility is properly sealed to prevent pests from getting inside.


Give us a call today to learn more about how to get rid of clover mites as well as the many other pests common to Kansas City, Topeka, and surrounding communities throughout our pest control service area!