Are Pigeons Hurting Your Kansas Business?

Are Pigeons Hurting Your Kansas Business?


Birds! Don’t you just love filling those bird feeders in your backyard each spring and watching for the new arrivals. They are so much fun to observe. Have you ever noticed that they seem to have a hierarchy? Blue Jays for example usually get the red carpet treatment from other birds around the feeder, and typically eat their fill completely disrupted, while the goldfinch finds it necessary to flit away at the approach of most any other species. In your backyard, birds can be the object of your attention for hours as you pleasantly pass the day enthralled by their beauty, habits, and attitudes; however, when birds are trying to make your business their domain, it is another thing altogether.

Did you know that birds account for tens of millions of dollars in lost product, revenue, and equipment each year in the United States alone? Did you also know that birds and their droppings can transmit over 60 different infectious diseases to humans? Did you know that birds can carry ticks, mites, and fleas just like any rodent can? In fact, harboring birds is equal to harboring wild rats as far as diseases and parasites go! And who would want to do that?

Generally speaking, the largest species of bird to wreak havoc on commercial properties is the pigeon. It is worth noting that there are several other species that cause damage to businesses every day too, such as: flickers, sparrows, swallow, geese, crows, grackles, woodpeckers, and starlings to name a few. For our purposes, though, we will talk about pigeons.

When birds have invaded your business setting, it is not just your building and equipment that takes a hit. You reputation is at stake as well. Aside from the fact that birds can defecate onto and contaminate your product (especially if you are in the food industry); just having these creatures flitting and flying around your potential customers is enough of a nuisance to be damaging. Have you ever been in one of those home improvement stores and had to duck for cover as a bird attempts to dive bomb you; or worse yet, when a bird actually makes a direct hit on your head sending you looking for the nearest bathroom with sanitizer and paper towels! Trust me that is a memorable experience, and not in a good way!

Besides that, who likes to run into a building for a short errand and rush out only to find that their car has been hit by the pigeons flying overhead? At the very least, this is going to cost your customer a car wash; and if unnoticed for any length of time, your customer may have to have some paint work done. That’s right! Bird ‘do-do’ will actually eat through the paint on an automobile if not promptly removed. Certainly not the publicity your business wants or needs! After all, word of mouth is the best advertising!

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