Are Termites Still Active In The Southwest?

Are Termites Still Active In The Southwest?


What’s small, soft skinned, creamy white, and is responsible for 5 billion dollars in property damage in the U.S. alone each year? The title may have given the answer away because if you guessed the termite, you would be right. Termites cause more damage to homes than any other pest. With this being said, let’s take a look at how susceptible your property may be to termites this fall and winter.

Is Your Home Attracting Termites?


There are a number of factors that attract termites to a home. One of the most prevalent attractants this time of year is warmth. Especially as the temperature drops as we head toward winter, termites will be on the lookout for a warm place to stay to suit their comfort needs.

Food and Water

When it comes to food and wood—to a termite—they are one and the same. If your home is not made entirely of brick or cement, then it may be attracting termites. However, not all wood attracts termites, only wood that is dying, water-damaged, or untreated does. It is helpful to note that termites have extremely thin skin that is prone to drying out, forcing them to always have to seek out areas of high humidity and moisture. If your property has leaks or water buildup affecting the quality of your homes’ structural wood, then we have some bad news. Your home may already have termites. Hopefully, this is not the case, but either way, consider thoroughly searching your property for leaky piping, blocked gutters, or any other sources of water that could potentially negatively affect the wood of your home. Removing these sources will help tremendously to deter termites from your home.

How to Spot Termites

You would probably assume that finding such a destructive pest would be a piece of cake. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Termites destroy wood from the inside out, meaning you could walk by a piece of infested wood for months without ever seeing a single termite. Another reason for their elusiveness is due to the tiny nature of the holes they dig in and out of the wood they infest. The best thing you can do when evaluating your home for termites is to look for the factors that attract them. Then if you find your home has what termites are looking for, consider calling a professional.

Call Schendel

No one spots termites better than a trained pest professional. If you think your home could be attracting termites, let us help. Trusted by over 30,000 homes and businesses, Schendel offers only the best termite control and exclusion. Don’t let termites destroy your property, call us today!