Are The Earwig Myths True?

Are The Earwig Myths True?


Remember all of the things that we believed as kids that we have since learned, to our relief, were completely untrue. There is no boogie man. Watermelon seeds will not grow inside your stomach if swallowed. No one has ever ruined their eyesight standing too close to the TV. If you think about it much of our childhood was built around untrue myths and legends. As adults, we could only hope for a big fat man to deliver presents to our children that we do not have to flip the bill for.

Remember stories about the earwig? That crazy looking bug that lives mostly under rocks and is found hiding in the clothes out on the line. The earwig is an odd looking elongated bug with a treacherous looking pincer on the back. We all remember frightening stories handed down from big brothers and uncles with odd senses of humor. Remember the one where earwigs enter the ears of campers while they slept and then burrowed into your brain and laid their eggs? Or how about that their pincers? Weren’t you told when you were little that those terrible pincers on the back would give you a poisonous pinch that you would not soon forget? But, the truth is, earwigs do not crawl into ears. They lay their eggs in dark damp places, of course, but they reserve that for under rocks or other dark places far away from people. It is true, that an earwig, when threatened, may deliver a pinch but they have neither the strength or the inclination to break the skin much less carry around lethal poison to infect the family.

Though the myths surrounding the earwig is completely untrue, they are still an intimidating creature to have to deal with and if your home has been invaded by them, a completely unwelcome guest to have. Earwigs generally prefer being outside hiding in dark, damp places, but are frequently introduced to the inside accidentally in newspapers, stored boxes coming in from the garage, or even in lawn furniture being carried to the basement. They will also, in times of heavy rains, find their own way in looking for a spot that is dark and quiet to escape to. These spaces are often the basement or crawlspace as well as under sinks in the bathroom or kitchen.

To prevent these unwanted visitors, many homeowners find it beneficial to follow a few easy steps. One of these steps is to make sure that there are no damp areas in the home to attract them. Make sure pipes are not leaking and that the basement area isn’t damp. A dehumidifier can work wonders for this. Make sure that any gardens with rocks and mulch are not right next to the home. Keeping bushes trimmed back away from the siding can also help eliminate hiding spots near the house. Make sure that gutters are cleared of any debris. Finally, make sure that you inspect everything stored outside before you bring it in. Lawn chairs, boxes from the garage, even the newspaper on the front step might be harboring an earwig.

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