Be Aware Of Pantry Pests While Baking This Holiday Season

Be Aware Of Pantry Pests While Baking This Holiday Season


If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year or throwing a holiday party soon then taking inventory of your baking supplies is most likely already on your to-do list.  In fact, maybe you’ve already begun to dig through the cupboards and pantry to take inventory of all your baking supplies and packages of pasta, rice, or other grains that can be used. In this process of sorting through and assessing the foods you need to make the perfect feast, the KS pest control pros at Schendel Pest Services would like to remind the cooks that pantry pests do not make for pleasant holiday treats.

Pantry pests are the name given to a group of pests who infest stored products including grains, baking supplies, packaged foods, and even pet food. Some of the common species of pantry pests include Indian meal moths, drugstore beetles and cigarette beetles. Most pantry pests get into the grains or packaged foods before they arrive in your home. Crops and processing facilities do have strict pest control standards however, sometimes these pests are able to sneak in and lay their eggs just in time for the item to be sealed and shipped to your local grocery store. Though they are not considered a pantry pest, cockroaches could also cause trouble as they search for food and water.  

And since the holidays are all about baking and cooking, the chances of finding pantry pests and other insects are going to increase. The biggest threat of a pantry pest infestation, aside from it being a disgusting sight is that the food you find the pantry pests in is contaminated and will need to be properly disposed of. But to keep the holiday cheer going, we would like to share some tips on how to avoid pantry pests in while baking over the holidays.

  • When you are at the grocery store, carefully inspect packaged items before tossing them into the cart. Look for signs of damage to the packaging or any visible differences, which could be a pantry pest or their eggs. 

  • Organize your food pantry and kitchen cupboards and toss any items that are past their date and also inspect the remaining items for any signs of pantry pests. 

  • Seal all open food in containers with lids or other storage containers that ensure food is protected.  

  • And last, just be aware as you are adding a dash of this and a handful of that. If something doesn’t look right or if there are obvious bugs in there, you have a pantry pest infestation. 

So before you tie the apron and get your pans greased, be sure that you are not going to be adding any pests into the mix. For more information on pantry pests in Kansas, please be sure to contact us at Schendel Pest Services. Our team is dedicated to providing safe and effective pest control services in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout our large service area to help homes and businesses stay pest free.