Bed Bug Bites Vs. Mosquito Bites

Bed Bug Bites Vs. Mosquito Bites



Have you found red welts on your skin? That can be disconcerting, especially when every time you turn around there is a new report about bed bugs. These bugs have been on a continual rise since their re-emergence at the end of the 1990s, but before you do anything rash, here is a quick guide to help you tell the difference between these two types of bites.Look: The first thing you’ll probably do is run to the internet and see if you can find some pictures of bed bug bites. There are a few problems with this. Not all bed bug bites look the same, and many of them are hard to distinguish between other common things like pimples, hives, and yes, mosquito bites. The one visual distinction you may see is that bed bug bites are often accompanied by a rash. This rash is usually limited to just around the bites, but this is largely dependent on how allergic you are to the anticoagulant these insects administer into the skin.Quantity: When differentiating between mosquito bites and bed bug bites, quantity of bites can help. It’s not that mosquitoes will bite fewer times or more times, but if you have a whole bunch of red welts on your skin, and you haven’t been outside recently, you can assume it is bed bugs. A large number of mosquito bites will be connected to a trip in the woods, time by a campfire, or some other outing.Formation: The best way to tell the difference between the bites from these two insects is in the formation of the bites. Bed bugs feed multiple times a night, so bites from these insects will appear in lines or clusters and generally will be in a few isolated spots on your skin. Mosquito bites will be random all over your body. The obvious exception is if you have mosquito bites all over your hands and neck because the rest of your body was protected by your clothing but you will likely remember the attack.

If you see bites on your body and you’re still not sure if they are bed bug bites, after reading the info above, there are a few more ways you can figure it out.

  • Check your sheets for blood stains, black fecal smears, and shed insect casings.
  • Inspect the creases and corners of all the mattresses in your home. See if you can find black fecal residue in the pores, or brown staining.
  • Inspect the stitching in all the upholstered furniture in your home for blood stains, black fecal smears, and shed insect casings.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, give Schendel a call. Our team knows how to find and remove infestations even before they begin. Ask us about our canine bed bug sniffing dogs and how we work to help our customers get rid of these bugs thoroughly and discreetly.


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