Unusual Places Where Bed Bugs To Hide

Unusual Places Where Bed Bugs To Hide


Bed bugs are pests that most people associate with the bedroom. While this is understandable and these pests typically can be found in bedrooms, sometimes they find that the bedroom just isn’t the best place for them to hide. Bed bugs come out at night to feed on the blood of people sleeping in their beds, and retreat to the dark corners and crevices where they came from to digest their blood meal. In large infestations, bed bugs can be found hiding almost anywhere inside a home. Here are some of the more interesting places where bed bugs have been found by the Kansas City pest control professionals at Schendel.

  • Computer keyboards. The areas under the keys are good places for bed bugs to hide, especially if you don’t use your computer keyboard often.

  • Electrical outlet covers. Believe it or not, these pests are tiny enough to slide in behind electrical outlet covers and huddle there during the daytime. If you suspect bed bug activity, use a screwdriver to remove the outlet cover and check for any hiding pests.

  • Alarm clocks. These clocks are typically right next to the bed, and the insides of them are somewhat hollow. You may never realize that when you hit the snooze button you’re getting close to the hidden home of some sneaky bed bugs.

  • Furniture. Bed bugs can easily hide within the seams of upholstered furniture, on the underside of chairs or sofas, and even in curtain rods on occasion.

  • Bed bugs have been found outside of the home in vehicles and retail stores too! Bed bugs have to spread somehow and they usually do so by hitch-hiking rides on unsuspecting people. It’s not too much of a stretch to find these pests in cars, taxis and other modes of transportation.

Although bed bugs may be found in these strange places, the majority of bed bugs, if they happen to be present inside your home, can be found near the bed. They want to be close to people so that they can easily feed on their blood while they sleep.

At the very first sign of bed bug activity you should promptly contact a pest control expert; as a small infestation today can quickly become a large one tomorrow. Kansas City natives know that Schendel offers the most effective and discreet bed bug pest control around. With our eco-friendly, bed bug heat treatments, we are able to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life allowing you to sleep peacefully. For more information on Schendel’s bed bug treatment services, or to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate; contact Schendel Pest Services today.