Bed Bug Travel Tips

Bed Bug Travel Tips


A fall getaway sounds nice. Maybe you escaped the end summer heat and are now just returning, or maybe you are avoiding the upcoming winter months, and got really good deals on tickets. If you have traveled or are planning to travel soon, keep in mind that bed bugs are as well, and they could be getting a free ride in your luggage. Here are a few important bed bug travel tips to keep your home free from bed bugs.

Bed Bugs And Travel

When people travel, they don’t think to worry about bed bugs. Travelers worry about spending money, applying sunscreen, getting rest and squeezing in shopping. You can’t let your guard down all the time. When you travel, you are surrounded by people who are coming from all over the world, and with them come the bed bugs.

Where there are people, bed bugs may be hiding. Bed bugs are not just in your hotel. When you travel, bed bugs can be in shopping centers, on the bus, in plane seats, hiding in shopping bags and tucked away in furnishings. When you set your purse, bag, or other transportable items down, bed bugs can slip inside. When the bed bugs crawl into your bag, you carry them back with you.

Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be anywhere – clean or dirty. Hygiene and home cleanliness have nothing to do with the presence or arrival of bed bugs. Here are a few signs that you brought back bed bugs after your recent trip away.

  • Cast/shed bed bugs skins are found on sheets, curtains, or in drawers

  • You notice small fecal or blood stains on the sheets, bed bugs are messy eaters and will spill blood drops as they feed

  • You see little bugs that look like crumbs in your bed, couch, or chairs

  • Bloodstains are present on your pillows or pajamas

  • You or family members wake up with small bites on your back or shoulders

Keep in mind that the presence of bed bug bites is not the most accurate indicator of a bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites can look like bites from other bugs; so many people tend to ignore them, especially because they may not start to itch until a couple days later. By then, you don’t usually associate the bite with the bugs.

What To Do If You Brought Home Bed Bugs

Call Schendel Pest Services if you suspect you brought bed bugs home with you after your latest travel adventure. If you spot the signs of bed bugs in your home, a quick call to Schendel is the only way you can get rid of them quickly. Our bed bug control service includes a thorough canine bed bug inspection, bed bug heat treatments, and post-treatment inspection.