Bed Bug Treatment Options In Topeka

Bed Bug Treatment Options In Topeka


All of the fuss of the holiday season is over. The whirlwind tour to make sure that all of the family had a visit, and you made an appearance at every get together between December 23rd and the first of the year. Finally, there is a little bit of time to catch a breath and figure out what wonders 2017 will bring. Many probably have plans to hibernate for the rest of the winter with a remote control and some hot chocolate.

What if a few short weeks after the start of a brand new year you wake up and find yourself with itchy insect bites on your arm? Perhaps it has been easy enough to ignore up until now, but when inspecting the area there turns out to be a rash right where it itches. It probably doesn’t take long from that point to realize that a bite has occurred. At that moment it is likely that the list of suspects running like a news ticker in your head has been narrowed down a bit. Stripping the sheets from the bed it is obvious that there are signs of an infestation right there on the mattress. Tiny little brownish bugs right in the corner as well as a few tiny drops that look like blood are signs of bed bugs – and you never even spent a night sleeping anywhere but at home.

The fact is bed bugs can be found just about anywhere. It’s true; these pests more often than not congregate nearest to beds because that’s the spot where they can easily access their food source, blood. However, they can go days without feeding, so holding up inside a chair or in the carpet isn’t out of the question. Plus, bed bugs are tiny and quick. They will easily attach themselves to a passing pant leg or inside the collar of a coat thrown on the bed at a party so that they can hitchhike to some new stomping grounds.

No matter how they made it in, they are there and something will need to be done. A little internet reading brings up quite a few options for home remedies that probably sound a lot easier than it would actually be to do; and, sadly, they would be unlikely to get rid of the bed bugs in their entirety. Before long, the infestation would be back just as strong as it was before.

When you discover bedbugs in your Topeka home, you want them gone right now; and you want them gone for good. The best way to make sure that happens is to give Schendel Pest Services a call. Our company uses a K9 detection team to find out every area of the home or business that bed bugs might be hiding. Then, we employ our environmentally sound bed bug heat treatments to effectively eliminate adult bed bugs as well as all the larvae and the eggs they have left behind. Often, just one treatment will take care of the problem. Before you know it, a shaky start to a new year will become a distant memory, and you can get back to your hot chocolate in peace.

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