Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere


When someone asks where bed bugs can expect to be found, the short and most correct answer is everywhere! Truthfully, anywhere there are people, there is the chance of bed bugs being present. These pesky bugs can be found in almost every region of the world. They are certainly active in all 50 states in our country.

The spreading of bed bugs is due largely to increased travel and a lack of knowledge of bed bug behavior. The first thing one must understand is that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. They will hitch a ride with you and, with your unknowing assistance, and relocate in the comforts of your home. Bed bugs can crawl in your suitcase or hide in articles of clothing. Once they gain access to your home, bed bugs will hide in the most inconspicuous places. Their flat body allows them to fit in the tiniest of cracks. Bed bugs are known to hide in clothing, mattresses, furniture upholstery, behind picture frames, inside wall receptacles, light switch plates, and even behind wallpaper and baseboard trim.

While many calls come from single family homes, bed bugs are found in just about any location in which people frequent. People who are traveling and staying in motels have learned this the hard way. Bed bugs however can be found in many other places like retail locations, restaurants, even schools. One can move into a dormitory, apartment, or multi-family housing complex only to find that bed bugs are already there waiting for your arrival. Or perhaps you become ill and are admitted to the hospital. Bed bugs may very well be the last thing you expect to encounter, yet the reality is that these bugs have been found in many hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities as well. All types of public transportation from airplanes to bus terminals have experienced bed bug infestations as well. Because bed bugs only care about their next blood meal, they can be found almost anywhere including that fancy 5-Star hotel that just opened up in your town.

Simply knowing that bed bugs are everywhere is part of the solution. Inspect your room upon arrival, during your stay, and when you prepare to return home. Upon arriving back home, thoroughly inspect one more time for any hitchhiker that may have come with you. In the event that you see any sign of bed bugs, contact Schendel Pest Services and utilize our expertise in bed bug removal and control.


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