Bye Bye Mice

Bye Bye Mice


It is finally spring! With all of the warm, beautiful weather outside, those mice you were hearing during the last few winter months will finally have a reason to leave. No more droppings on your pantry shelves and in the backs of your food cabinets. No more chewed holes in your cereal boxes. No more urine stains on food shelves. You’ll finally be free, right? We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but, those mice aren’t likely to go anywhere. Here’s why:

There is a reason the animal referred to by scientists as Mus musculus, is called a house mouse. These mammals actually prefer to dwell with humans.

Your home…

  • provides safety from predators that sweep down from the sky to eat them. It is most likely free of slithering animals that devour them whole. And, inside the walls of your home, they are safe from canines and felines that hunt and eat them. Sure, a cat or a dog may make quick work of them when they go out into public areas but, most of the time, they chew their way directly into areas where food is stored. Therefore, they are quite content to live in your house, even though it is beautiful outside.

  • has food–lots and lots of food. Mice are small creatures. They don’t require all that much to eat. They don’t have much trouble staying alive on what is available in your house. And, even if you make it hard for them to get a bite to eat, they still prefer to live in the safety of your home, even if their belly is a little emptier than they’d like.

  • doesn’t have heavy rain storms, sweltering heat, frigid cold, high humidity, and all of the other conditions that make living in the “wild” uncomfortable. Mice are quick to notice this difference.

If you have house mice in your home, there is little chance that they will leave. It has everything they want. Sure, they may go outside now that the temperatures are nicer, but they have no reason to leave completely. If you want those mice gone, and gone for good, you’re going to need to do something to get them out and seal them out.

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