Centipedes In Your Home Are Not Something To Play Around With

Centipedes In Your Home Are Not Something To Play Around With


If you are old enough, chances are you remember video arcades at the mall where kids would stand for hours playing games like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Centipede. But these games didn’t stay at the mall, they also invaded countless homes. That’s right, all through the 80s family were able to battle spiders, scorpions, fleas, and centipedes right in the comfort of their own homes.

When centipedes are on our television screens, it can be great fun spending hours and hours annihilating those creepy crawlies as they keep coming and coming. But having real centipedes invade is not a game anyone wants to play. Not only are centipedes a disgusting pest to have around, they can be dangerous under certain conditions.

How are centipedes dangerous?

Other than having a centipede freak you out so that you slip and fall in the shower, centipedes are dangerous if you have an allergic reaction to their venom. But, even if you are not allergic, the sting from a centipede can hurt. A lot. Similar to the sting of a bee, a centipede will bite and hang on, causing a slow burning sensation that grows from a small area until it encompasses a spot about two inches in diameter. And the pain can be excruciating if the bite occurs on fingers or toes where there are an abundance of nerve endings.

What can be done to keep centipedes out?

  • Clean your home thoroughly.

  • If you see a centipede, try to kill it or capture it and put it outside

  • Keep your house as dry as possible by using dehumidifiers and fans.

  • Use sticky traps in corners or along floorboards where centipedes often hunt. (This will trap other insects as well.)

  • Make sure door sweeps are in good working order and screens are in good repair.

  • Cover basement floor drains with window screen.

  • Seal up entry points by using a caulking gun to seal gaps and cracks in your walls, foundation, around windows and air conditioning units, etc.

What can be done to get centipedes out?

Having real centipedes inside your home is not a game, and they are not fun. If you need help getting rid of centipedes, Schendel Pest Solutions has the answer. Not only are we 100% committed to providing the most advanced pest solutions available, but if your pest problem keeps coming and coming, we will also keep coming and coming, at no extra charge, until the problem is fixed. You don’t have to put up with real centipedes in your home. Let the professionals here at Schendel win that game for you.