Centipedes: Scary For Sure, But Dangerous?

Centipedes: Scary For Sure, But Dangerous?


You have to admit that centipedes are creepy. Maybe it’s because of their odd coloring, or perhaps it is because of all those tiny legs that can move and wriggle in all directions at once, or maybe it is the fact that they squirm and worm like a snake, or perhaps it is all of the above. When you sit and look at a centipede, it is hard to decide if they bother you because they can resemble a spider, or a worm, or a tiny snake in their movements; but the end result is the same – centipedes are just scary. It only takes seeing one for you to feel as if all those tiny legs are crawling up your spine!

I think we can all agree that centipedes are straight out of the prehistoric handbook for things that you wish had gone extinct long ago, but didn’t; but the real question is, “are centipedes dangerous?” The answer to that question depends on who you are. If you are a soft-bodied insect, the answer is yes. If you are another centipede, the answer is also yes. Worm, yes; spider, yes; human, not so much. While centipedes are capable of biting and piercing human skin and injecting their venom, the venom is not potent enough to endanger people. The bite hurts. A lot! It may turn red around the site and swell a bit. Yes it will be uncomfortable for a while, but the only ill effects occur to those that are allergic to the venom, which scarcely happens.

While finding centipedes in your home may not be something that causes you great alarm from a medical standpoint, it should cause you concern for other reasons. The first, and most obvious, reason is that they found a way in. They were outside searching for food, water, and shelter and came upon a breech in your home’s defenses and slid right in. Now if centipedes found their way in, you can be sure that they are not alone. In fact, this brings us to reason number two – food. They are in your home because they have found food; and remember, their food sources are other soft-bodies insects. Centipedes are a definite sign that other insects live inside your home too!

While you let that little fact sink in, you should consider reason number three. Water! Centipedes must have moisture to survive. The fact that they are in your home indicates that you have a moisture issue at best and a mold issue at worst. So you see, while having centipedes is not a risk for an ER visit or anything even close, it is a signal that you have a much larger problem than all those tiny little legs. You can conclude that there are other insects, some which can be dangerous or disease spreading species,are inside your home.

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