Common Pests Soon To Appear This Spring

Common Pests Soon To Appear This Spring


Although it may not look or feel like spring in many places this long awaited season is quickly approaching. Eventually, the weather will warm up, and as it does, a whole host of insects will come to life. As many pests wake up after a winter slumber, or begin growing their family once again, food, water and shelter become most important. And guess where the first place they will look is? You guessed it, your home and property! Insects such as termites, ants, and even some overwintering pests like ladybugs will all become more active as the weather warms up.

One of the most dreaded insects to homeowners nationwide are termites. The reason they are so great a threat is because they feed on wood. Although they prefer moist, rotting wood, they will eat any wood they can find, which includes woodwork in your house. This can cause extensive damage to not just your walls, floors, and woodwork, but can potentially even weaken the structural integrity of your whole house. What’s worse, often times termites will be chomping away for a long time before you even notice they are there! Termites are known as the silent destroyers and you can bet they will become more active this spring. The best way to avoid the threat of termites altogether is to sign up for a termite control program which includes continuous monitoring for any termite activity.

Another common insect that can be harmful to the wood of your house are carpenter ants. Although they do not feed on wood like termites, they do try to form their colonies inside of wood structures. This means with the presence of carpenter ants comes the potential for boring holes through sound woodwork in your home. Carpenter ants are not the only common types of ants in Springfield. You may see pavement ants or sugar ants foraging around your kitchen looking for a crumb or leftover piece of that last batch of cookies. If you do start to see ants in your home, its important to know that until the entire colony has been exterminated, they will keep coming back.

Another, more benign but nevertheless annoying insect is the ladybug. Although these bugs don’t destroy your house, or harm you, they still have the capacity to really “bug” you. These little critters are usually found on window sills, basking in the sun. So, why are they coming out now? Well, these little ladies are awake from their winter slumber and are ready to move out of their hiding places and into your home. The problem is that where you see one there are generally a dozen more around. In other words, they congregate in extremely large numbers. Although the best way to avoid lady bugs is by pest proofing your home in the fall, you can always contact the KS pest control pros at Schendel Pest for help if the situation calls for assistance. Schendel Pest Services has a team of qualified exterminators in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, and Texas. Let us help you get to the root of your toughest pest problems so that you can actually enjoy the start of spring!

Common Pests Soon To Appear This Spring in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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