Common Reasons You Have Earwigs In Your Home

Common Reasons You Have Earwigs In Your Home


Earwigs are nocturnal, usually hiding all day inside of small cracks or dark places, and are very dependent on moisture. At night they will feed on other insects, mold, and plants. They are highly attracted to light and can be found around outdoor lighting, hiding nearby when morning breaks. Earwigs get inside homes through tiny cracks and crevices to look for food, protection, shelter, and moisture.

The only tips that can be effective in preventing earwigs from entering your home are to seal off all entry points in the foundation and exterior walls of your home and to reduce excessive moisture in and around your home. Don’t forget to check utility wire, cable, and plumbing entry areas, and to inspect for leaks and condensation buildup. Stay away from over-the-counter and DIY products, as they can be messy, hard to manage, and potentially dangerous. The best way to address a serious earwig intrusion, and to prevent them from returning, is by contacting an experienced pest control company.

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