Do I Really Need Pest Control Services?

Do I Really Need Pest Control Services?


Many people look at pest control like they look at medical problems. If you have a small cut on your finger you’re not going to rush to the hospital. You’ll clean it up, put some bacterial ointment on, and slap a Band-Aid on that thing. Right? There is no need to spend $400 on a visit to the ER. No matter what the medical issue, you’re going to make a decision based on a few factors: Can I fix this myself? How serious is it? And, what is it going to cost? When choosing pest control services we tend to use the same philosophy. Here is why that doesn’t work.

We don’t always know how bad the problem is.

If you break your arms it is easy to say, “I’m going to need to get someone to fix these.” You can easily see and feel that the problem is beyond your control. And, it is hard to fix your arms when they are broken. But, even with medical problems, you can sometimes miss how critical your situation is. You may think that the ache in your chest is just heartburn, only to find out it was the sign of an imminent heart attack. The point is, unless you’re a professional, you don’t really know how much of a crisis you’re in, sometimes until it is too late.

We think we can do it ourselves.

When we see pests crawling around our house in the age of Youtube and Google, what do we do? We go searching for the answers. You may have found this article by the same method. And, while this is a great way to learn some really neat things, it is about as smart as watching a video on how to fix your broken arms and then having a friend do it. You might have some success. But more likely, you’ll set yourself up for years of misery.

Pest control is more like preventative care.

You don’t want to wait till you know for sure your pest problem is serious. Finding out that termites have been eating away at your support beams for three years is the worst way to deal with that problem. Throwing down some traps to catch a few cockroaches leaves hundreds, and even thousands, still living in your walls and spreading illness throughout your home. The best way to handle pest issues is to hire a professional to protect your home from infestation. They know the habits and habitats of invasive pests and how to stop them from entering your home. Extermination is sometimes needed, but year-round pest control services are the way to deal with pest problems.

Make 2015 the year that you started guarding your family and your home from invasive pests. Proactive pest control is the only solution. Get your plan in place.