Do Moles Remain Active During The Colder Months?

Do Moles Remain Active During The Colder Months?


All spring and summer long you have dealt with the moles that have been living in your lawn. You have tried to ignore the golf ball sized holes that you keep tripping over, the unsightly tunnels, and your dying grasses and landscaping, knowing that soon the weather will get cold and the moles will go away. But, will they? Unfortunately, no, they won’t. Moles are a lawn pest that remains active all year long, even throughout the winter months. Moles are an extremely frustrating problem for homeowners, they cause extensive damages, are rarely if ever seen, and seemingly impossible to get rid of. Luckily though, the mole control experts at Schendel Pest Services understand moles, understand how frustrating they can be, and we, of course, understand how to get rid of them from your property.

First, let’s talk about why moles aren’t going to pack their bags and leave your property to hibernate the winter away. It is a common misconception that these critters hibernate through the winter because homeowners are no longer seeing evidence of their tunnels on the surface of the ground. However, the moles are still there, they are just deeper in the ground where you can’t see evidence of their presence. When the weather gets cold and the surface of the ground freezes the moles dig down into the ground below the frost line, where the soil is still loose, easy to dig through, and full of their favorite food – earthworms. The reason for this habit is that moles can’t store fat, so they can’t hibernate. Moles have to continuously eat in order to get the energy they require to live, they have to keep digging and eating all winter long in order to survive!

So as you can probably tell by now, the best way to get rid of moles is not to just hope they go away someday because they won’t! The best solution to a mole infestation on your property is to partner with the mole control experts at Schendel Pest Services. Our highly trained and experienced experts will come to your aid and perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of your property. A customized plan is then created, using industry-leading and humane technologies which will meet all the needs of your unique property. With our Pestzero Guarantee, you will have peace of mind knowing that your mole problem will be completely taken care of for the next 365 days. For 365 days your service is guaranteed and if these pesky critters show back up we will take care of them at no additional cost to you.

Don’t let destructive moles live on your property for another day, contact Schendel Pest Services to get the professional help that is needed to eliminate moles from your property once and for all.

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