Don't Ignore Pest Birds

Don’t Ignore Pest Birds


First and foremost, birds are a very real threat when it comes to sanitation. After they have found a secluded place to set up their nests, they get quite comfortable, coming and going as they please. When they do, naturally, they leave droppings behind. Not only are these droppings a safety risk in regards to being slippery and causing potential falls, but they are full of different parasites and diseases. Candidiasis and Cryptococcosis are two diseases that can be passed along and are associated with the yeast relative to birds and histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that is also associated with pest birds and in some cases is fatal.

Bird droppings are also known to create millions of dollars worth of damage to buildings. These droppings fall upon buildings, rotting them and ruining them, causing wood to deteriorate and metals to discolor and age at an expedited rate. All in all, bird droppings are bad for both the building and the people in or around it.

Birds also tend to use a variety of materials when building their nests. Some bird species have been known to use insulation and wiring as part of their nest structure. These materials are, naturally, torn from someplace, including but not limited to, machinery, walls and electrical systems. When ripping these materials free for their own comfort, birds inadvertently ruin whatever it is these materials came from. Also, while forming these nests, birds have been known to interrupt air conditioning systems, heating systems, and venting systems.

Another important note about pest birds is that, aside from the issues listed already, they can introduce even more problems into a building, like other pests. Ticks and mites can be found on birds due to the hard time birds have removing them on their own. Once introduced, these other pests present their own problems and introduce even more disease.

Bird control can be extremely beneficial to any business. By keeping birds away, you limit the risk of disease and parasites spreading throughout. Not only are you protecting the people who visit, but also the people who work there and the building itself. By introducing environmentally and economically friendly versions of bird control, we are able to effectively make your building much less enticing for birds, in turn, they will choose another place to call home with no damage done to bird or building. Working with high-quality products like Bird Barrier, we are able to keep birds from nesting with no disruption to the building or the people there. Though not harmful to birds, they are extremely effective as a deterrent and are a long-term solution for bird eradication.

Birds can be beautiful, but keep in mind the next time you see one flying around your business, that they can be dangerous too. If you have a bird problem, or just want to be proactive about preventing one, reach out to Schendel Pest Services today. With more than 60 years of knowledge, we have what it takes to keep your business safe and free of pests. If you need immediate service or would like to schedule a free inspection, call us today!