Exploring Bed Bug Treatment Options

Exploring Bed Bug Treatment Options


Lately, it seems bed bugs are turning up everywhere across the United States. And, at this point, everyone knows how bed bugs get into our homes and become annoying little pests. People end up bringing them home on items like their clothing, shoes, luggage, and briefcases, when they are away or have traveled. They can pick them up from public locations like hotel rooms, trains, theaters and many other places.

Not everyone may know the different types of bed bug treatment options that are available to them. There are many that you can try, but not all of them are successful. You could throw away your bed, but that’s not always necessary. You could, however, try by stripping and vacuuming your mattresses and box springs, and then put airtight mattress covers on them. You will find this approach expensive, cumbersome and not very effective. Next, you can try to kill all of the bed bugs with insecticide, but these types of sprays can be difficult to use and hazardous to your health, and again not effective. Another option is to isolate your bed and use sticky cards under your bed. There are many types of sprays and dust available as well, but they can be messy and not effective, and a waste of money.

Bed bugs are so hard to locate, so in order to find bed bugs, everyone could use a canine inspection through a professional pest control service. Especially if you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in the first place. These dogs are trained to sniff out bed bugs and places where they are most active. Once these areas have been located, the treatment can begin. The most highly recommended is the heat treatment. It is specially designed to target all forms of bed bugs, making sure it eliminates all stages of bed bugs from egg to adult. This innovative way to control bed bugs uses large electric heaters that effectively eliminate even the largest infestation from homes and businesses within hours. It will heat up the inside of your home to the precise temperature that it will take to take care of the infestation without damaging or harming anything indoors. Fans are used to circulate the heat throughout the home and the specialists monitor the temperature of the house during the process by using remote temperature sensors and a computer system.

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