Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Fall Pest Prevention Tips


It’s fall and time for apples, pumpkins, hayrides and crisp cool air! It’s a glorious time, but with every changing season, we have to start thinking about new pest pressures, including those that are seeking refuge inside our homes, like mice, ladybugs, box elder bugs, earwigs, and silverfish. These uninvited guests will make their way in through gaps and holes in foundations, exterior walls, window and door frames, damaged screens and vents. They will take over your home, making you and your family uneasy with all the pests scurrying about, causing a scene and making horrible noises in the night. It might be time to send those unwanted pests packing and keep them out for good.

We know that mice can be dangerous to our health by contaminating food items in our kitchens and pantries, but they are also known to damage homes by gnawing on anything they can. That chewing can lead to fires and water damage if mice end up chewing pipes and electrical wiring. No homeowner wants to put their health or home as risk, it is definitely time for those mice to go.

Asian lady beetles or “ladybugs”, are not dangerous to us or the homes we live in, but they congregate in large numbers and are a complete nuisance to homeowners that find them invading their home. It’s time to tell these nuisance pests that they are not welcome in your home.

Box elder bugs aren’t extremely dangerous, but they do have the ability to bite and cause a minor skin irritation and their feces can stain fabric, walls, and upholstery. They are yet another nuisance bug that should not allow in your home throughout the winter, you guessed it, they have to go too!

Creepy crawly earwigs do not crawl into people’s ears and lay eggs inside their brains, that is just a myth. They really are not harmful at all, but most people don’t even want to catch even a glance at them. They have pincers and scare people, and are a general household nuisance, they just can’t stay!

Lastly, the silverfish, they do not harm people or cause any health concerns. They can, however, damage personal items, as they feed on carbohydrates, like sugars and starches. These nuisance pests can damage clothing, bindings of books, photographs, and other items, once again, silverfish fall into the category of pests that have to go.

Preventing all of these pests can be hard in the fall as they are determined to find a warm place to call home for the cooler months. Contacting a professional pest control company is always the best method of eliminating and controlling pests, but the following are some common fall pest prevention tips that may limit your risk:

  • Purchase items from stores that are free from packaging damages

  • Store food items in sturdy containers with airtight lids

  • Keep moisture in your home to a minimum

  • Reduce clutter in and around your home

  • Make sure all crevices and holes in your foundation are sealed tightly

  • Inspect outdoor items that are brought into your home for pests

  • Always contact a pest control professional at the first sign of an infestation of any kind

If you live in Kansas, you can count on us at Schendel Pest Services, as we are always happy to help you with all of your pest control needs. We have a program that will suit your needs and help you maintain a pest-free home. Our Premium Care program will give you 365 days of pest protection, that’s guaranteed with our PestZero Guarantee. Don’t let fall pests ruin the beauty of the fall season, call Schendel Pest Services today!

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