Fall Spider Identification Guide

Fall Spider Identification Guide


If you’ve lived in your home for a year or two, and you don’t have ongoing pest control, there is a good chance you’ve seen a spider. There are many spiders that make themselves at home in our yards, in our gardens, in our flower beds, and also inside our homes. But, in fall, something happens to all of those spiders that live outside your home. They start coming inside. Here are a few fall spiders that may invade your home when temperatures drop.

House Spiders

This is a common name given to spiders that are able to live exclusively inside our homes with us. They go by descriptive names like the brown house spider, the black house spider, the Southern house spider, the domestic house spider, the giant house spider, and many more. There are many spiders that get into homes, and they come in anytime during the year, but fall is a unique time of year. The insects that these spiders eat are all cold-blooded creatures that hide from the cold. When insects hide in your home, your home will be more attractive to spiders of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Spiders, themselves, don’t mind the cold weather all that much. They have a natural antifreeze that makes them resilient to death by freezing. But, since their food sources do not, a hungry spider is going to go where the food goes.

Brown Recluse

You’ve probably heard of this spider. Its venom is well known. But, there are a few things you may not know. And, if you look on the internet for answers, you’re going to get a lot of contradictory facts.

The brown recluse is a spider that is not likely to bite you. In fact, it will run away when it sees you. But that doesn’t mean it won’t bite you. If you press against a brown recluse or trap it, you are sure to be bitten.

Brown recluse bites don’t always result in horrible disfiguring bite wounds. But the fact that they can, should be incentive to get them out of our homes.

Brown recluse spiders can survive in the cold, but if they find a location with lots of food, like your wall voids, they will be happy to live with you through the winter–and long after.

Black Widows

These spiders need no description. There are few people who do not know that they are black and shiny with a red hourglass shape underneath their abdomen. What you may not know is that, while these spiders prefer to be in a pile of brush in your yard, or some other hiding place outside, they’ll come into your home in fall when food resources dwindle outside.

Get your home ready for the fall spider invasion with a little help from Schendel Pest Services. We’ll help keep those spider outside, all year long, where they belong.