Five Things You Are Doing To Attract Centipedes


Five Things You Are Doing To Attract Centipedes


When asked what the worst bug to have in their house is, many people in Topeka would at least consider centipedes. The dozens of legs on a centipede make them seem like some foreign invader from another world, come to take over whatever house they find their way into! What’s just as bad as the grotesque appearance of a centipede is the fact that they’re venomous. Rest assured their venom is rarely dangerous to humans, but the idea of being stung by one is not pleasant regardless. The reality is that there might be things you are doing right now that could be causing your home to attract these scary looking hunters.

Five things you’re doing to attract centipedes into your Topeka home:

  1. Having other bugs in your home – Centipedes are hunters and eat other insects by chasing them down with their many quick legs. They will often enter a home in search of food, but if they don’t find any bugs to hunt they will move on. If your home has other bugs already in it (which it often does without many obvious signs) they will serve as a feeding ground for the centipede, which will then choose to make your house their home.

  2. Having a humid basement or closet – Centipedes prefer places that are humid, so if they find a comfortable, damp, dark place they will be more inclined to stay in your house rather than going in search of some natural habitat. Placing a dehumidifier in your basement or bathroom can help prevent these places from getting humid and make your house less inviting to multi-legged invaders.

  3. Leaving entry points open – It is likely that some of the weather stripping somewhere on your home has deteriorated, or a crack has formed somewhere. If you’ve never gone around your house and looked for possible entry points to seal, then centipedes could be crawling into your home right now! It’s important to look around a few times a year to ensure there are no clear opening for creatures to crawl through, and to seal any you find.

  4. Having a messy yard – Centipedes are very sensitive to light, so they will seek out a dark spot to hide in during the day. If your yard is cluttered you have given the centipedes plenty of shaded environments close to your house in which to live. It’s only a matter of time before they come into the house once they are on the property.

  5. Not providing your home with year-round pest control – Year-round treatment for pest control is the best way to not only keep centipedes out but many other bugs as well.

If you are concerned about bugs entering your home you should call Schendel Pest Services in the Topeka area to prevent centipedes and other bugs from entering your home with proven residential pest control plans.