Flies And Business

Flies And Business


There are few pests that can plague a business like flies can. One key reason for why these insects are such a threat can be found in their name. Flies fly. This ability allows them to get past even the most secure defenses and right into all of the places you least want them to be. But the versatility of movement alone does not make a fly a pest. Let’s take a look at a few reasons flies are a threat to businesses, and how commercial pest control neutralizes this threat.

Fly Contamination

  • Most flies are filthy insects. They are as comfortable crawling around on a hamburger bun as they are a dead animal on the side of the road. Wherever there is rot and decay, you are sure to find flies.

  • The mobility of flies mentioned above does more than allow these pests to get into a business; once inside, it allows them to quickly move from the rim of a toilet to a food prep surface, or some other equally filthy combination. When they do, they spread harmful bacteria to food that is being prepared.

  • Some flies are drawn to breed in the rotting organic material found in drains. This allows for fast and localized increase in population and quick contamination of food and surfaces.

Fly Management

How do you control a filthy pest that has the ability to fly?

  • Sanitation. It is vital to maintain a proper level of sanitation. This reduces the risk of contamination. If trash is removed daily, there is no time for items in the trash to rot, or for flies to breed in this location.

  • Drain Service. When drains are cleaned routinely, it prevents the reproduction of flies, especially drain flies.

  • Insect Light Traps. Most flies are attracted to light. Strategically placed light traps draw flies in and eliminate them. When installed and maintained by a professional pest technician, ILTs are powerful means of control and monitoring of fly pressures within a business.

If you own or manage a business in our Kansas service area, you can count on Schendel Pest Services to provide industry-leading pest management services to control all types of flies, and all of the invasive pests that spread illness and threaten the health of your employees and your customers. Our team has the experience and the education to inspect, monitor, and apply Integrated Pest Management for commercial pests in all types of business environments. From small restaurants to food processing plants, and everything in between, you can trust Schendel Pest Services to protect your business and your bottom line.

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