Grocery Store Pest Control Tips From The Pest Control Pros

Grocery Store Pest Control Tips From The Pest Control Pros


Considering that food is a major source of many pest infestations at home, have you ever wondered what could be crawling or flying around at your local grocery store? For residents in Kansas City, Topeka and elsewhere across the country, the last thing you want to have to worry about is bringing home fruit flies, cockroaches or pantry pests with your groceries. Many grocery stores and food manufacturing facilities are required to have strict pest control measures so that you don’t find any bugs crawling around the food you want to purchase.

What is required for grocery stores to prevent pests?

For many commercial food facilities, there are required routine inspections, quality audits, and effective treatment protocols to prevent pests from becoming an issue. Due to the sensitivity of handling food, there have to be strict controls on food safety, which includes your local grocery store. Chances are you are not likely to find pests like rodents running across the floor or cockroaches crawling through the product because who would ever go there again? But there are some cases in which even after the proper safety measures have been made, pests can find their way into your shopping cart.

How can I prevent pests while I am grocery shopping?

There are ways that you can prevent pests from coming home in your grocery bags. With a little extra attention to the food you are selecting, you should be free of pests. Starting with the produce section, you want to be on the lookout for fruit flies, who are the most common produce pest invaders. Staying away from fruits or vegetables that are rotten is a good idea because they are more likely to attract pests than ones that are not ripe or just becoming ripe. When you select pieces of fruit and bunches of vegetables, just be observant and make sure they are not crawling with spiders or buzzing with other insects.

Another concern for finding pests at the grocery store is in the shelf foods such as grains, cereals, baking goods, or dried fruits. Sometimes, stored product pests also known as pantry pests can make their way into your packaged foods while in the food manufacturing process. A good way to avoid catching any pantry pests is to check your packaged foods before you toss them in the cart. Look for any signs of damage to the packaging as this could mean that there are holes for pests to crawl in. Do not purchase any goods that do in fact have a broken seal or damaged package.

Hopefully, the grocery store you frequent has implemented several methods to prevent and treat for pests that could get into your food. But even so, it is a good practice to be aware of what’s going in your grocery bags and back to your home. Certainly, report any pests to a manager at the grocery store if you find them. If you are living in Kansas, including Kansas City, Topeka, Johnson County or throughout our service area, which includes Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Arizona and feels you may have brought home more than groceries from the store, please contact our Kansas City pest control professionals today!