How Arizona Residents Can Protect Themselves From Summer Pests

How Arizona Residents Can Protect Themselves From Summer Pests


Summer is a time for outdoor gatherings. What do you plan to be doing in your backyard this summer? Will you be having pool parties with lots of friends and lots of food? Will you be having quiet get-togethers with a few friends and lots of food? Will you be having evening cookouts around a fire pit with, you guessed it, friends and lots of food. When you go out into your backyard this summer, there are a few pests that may be lured in by all of your friends and all that food. Here are a few of the repeat offenders.


These insects feed on you and your friends, especially if you don’t do something about the populations of mosquitoes in your yard. The secret is to keep things dry. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you live in our Arizona service area. Look for any conditions that allow vernal pools to form in your yard. All it takes is an inch of water for mosquitoes to breed. And the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard, usually come from your yard.


There is nothing worse than finding a cockroaches sitting on your hotdog, especially if you have all the fixings on it. And don’t let your macho friend convince you that it’s just protein. Roaches are able to spread more than 33 kinds of bacteria and 7 parasitic worms. If you eat in your backyard, consider putting something sticky on the bottom of your table legs or grill legs. This can prevent roaches and ants from crawling up to get into your food.

Stinging Pests

Yellow jackets, paper wasps, and other wasps are drawn to proteins and sugars. Keep food in sealed containers until you’re ready to prepare them and consider drinking fluids out of cups with a cover and a straw. Put trash in a plastic bag. And be aware that wearing flower patterns or smelling sweet like flowers can attract these insects to you.

Fleas and Ticks

Reducing moisture in your yard and controlling wildlife can reduce these pests in your yard. Install fencing to manage wildlife and seal your walls to keep mice and rats out. Most importantly, trim trees to let the sun dry moist areas around your home.


There are many reasons to gather in the summer: weddings, wedding receptions, family reunions, pool parties, cookouts, and more. If you’re planning an important gathering and you’d prefer to not have pests ruin it, Schendel Pest Services can help. We do one-time as well as year-round residential pest control. Reach out to us today for a free inspection.

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