How Flies Are Getting Inside

How Flies Are Getting Inside


Flies. They get in your face, they land on your food, and they create extremely annoying buzzing sounds as they fly about. Flies are known for being one of the most disgusting and irritating insects due to the fact that they have no regard for personal space and will feast on almost anything. Commonly seen around animals, feces, rotting food, carcasses, and garbage, flies remain at the top of the list for insects with a wide variety of choices in their diet. It comes as no surprise that these pests will find a way into your home while searching for something tasty to eat.

You don’t want to be inviting flies into your home, but mistakes are inevitable, and there’s no doubt that flies will take advantage of any mistakes you end up making. Leaving garbage bins open provides a very suitable place for flies to lay their eggs, which leads to maggots, and then to even more flies in the future. Flies enjoy eating rotting fruits as well, so that banana you were saving for banana bread could actually be attracting flies into your kitchen. If you’ve ever stood in an open doorway to talk to someone, or had your windows open to let that nice summer breeze in, you’ve most likely also let in several flies. Once those doors and windows close, any flies that entered are now trapped inside, left to buzz around your garbage bin or your dinner table.

There are several things you can do to help prevent flies from entering your home in the first place. Simple steps you can take include:

  • Covering all trash bins, inside and outside your home. This will greatly reduce the attraction factor of your home.
  • Cleaning your house—specifically your kitchen—regularly is a good way to maintain a fly-free environment.
  • Checking window screens for rips, and repairing or replacing them, helps reduce entry points for flies.
  • Eliminating any scum that builds up in your drains. By doing this, you have gotten rid of a potential breeding site.

While the main problem flies cause is that they are a nuisance to deal with, they also pose a health threat. Flies land on numerous filthy items, which means they pick up viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can be harmful to humans. Flies have been attributed to several people contracting food poisoning or tuberculosis by contaminating their food and water sources.

It’s one thing if you have a couple of flies buzzing around your house and you’re able to swat them out of the air with one quick smack of a flyswatter. It’s quite another thing when they have bred and spread throughout your home. If you have a fly problem on your hands, professionals at Schendel Pest Services are more than happy to deal with that problem for you, no questions asked. With our Premium Care program, we eliminate any flies that are on your property and prevent more from living there in the future. Contact Schendel Pest Services today to schedule a free inspection!