How Mosquitoes Bite

How Mosquitoes Bite


Of all the pests that invade our space and become a nuisance, cause discomfort, spread disease and even bring the threat of death, the mosquito is undoubtedly the most well known. And yet, as well known as it is, there is so much that is not known.

We know that the mosquito has a long stinger that penetrates the skin deep enough to suck blood from its host. We assume this to be a rigid needle-like mouthpart when it is actually just the opposite. According to an article published by the National Geographic entitled “Here’s What Happens Inside You When a Mosquito Bites,” this mouthpart we think to be a rigid, probing instrument is actually flexible and fully controllable. The article goes on to explain that, even though it looks like a single tube, it is really a complicated set of tools encased in a sheath called the labium. This labium buckles when the mosquito bites, allowing six mouthparts to slide into the skin.

The article shared a video from the Pasteur Institute in Paris that shows a mosquito biting an anaesthetized mouse. This video, viewed through a microscope shows exactly what happens when a mosquito bites a host and drinks the blood. The next time you are bitten by a mosquito, you can imagine a flexible mouthpart penetrating your skin and then twisting and turning, probing various directions until the thirsty mosquito finds a blood vessel. The only good thing about this is the mosquito can search a large area without having to bite you again and again until it finds your blood.

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