How Rodents Could Have Gotten Inside Your Home Over The Winter

How Rodents Could Have Gotten Inside Your Home Over The Winter


No one wants the bother of mice or rats getting into their home, but for many people, it will be a reality at some point in their lives–if it hasn’t already become one. There are ways to prevent rodents from getting in, but first, you need to understand how rodents are invading in the first place.

Ways That Rodents Get Inside Homes

Although it’s possible, rodents are unlikely to try to get into your home in the summer. When the weather is warm and food sources are plentiful, they are usually content to stay outside. However, once the cold weather hits and food becomes harder to find, they need a warm place to survive. That’s why they’re much more likely to break into your home in the winter. Let’s take a look at how they accomplish this.


Rodents aren’t as tiny as insects, so you might think they couldn’t possibly fit through a little hole in your foundation. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Rats need a hole only the size of a quarter, and mice, the size of a dime, in order to get inside. Even if you have just a small hole, rodents can chew away at it to make it large enough to fit through.


If you have damaged areas in your siding or if there are places where there are gaps or the siding is lifting away from your home, rodents can exploit these areas to get underneath your siding and make their way inside.


Some rodents, especially roof rats, are excellent climbers and can easily make it onto your roof. Once there, they’ll look for damaged shingles that might allow entry. They’ll also find weak areas where roof lines come together to try to gain entry.


If the vents on your home are not covered, rodents can easily shimmy inside and make their way into your home.


Chimneys that aren’t capped are easy access points for rodents. Once inside your chimney, they can chew away at the damper until they gain access to your house.

How You Can Tell if Rodents Have Gotten Into Your Home

You’ll notice certain signs if rodents manage to get in your house.

  • They’ll leave feces behind when they walk around, so you may find droppings on your countertops or in your cabinets.
  • They’ll chew through boxes and bags looking for food, so you may notice damaged food products.
  • They’ll crawl around in your walls and ceilings, so you’ll hear them scratching around.

If you notice these signs, give Schendel Pest Services a call. Rodents must be eliminated as soon as you realize they’re in your home, but they’re not meant to be dealt with on your own. Rodents cause damage to your home and are dangerous to your health, and trying to remove them on your own is often ineffective and can sometimes even be dangerous.

Schendel Pest Services has years of experience handling rodent infestations, and you can rest easy knowing your problem will be taken care of in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Give us a call at the first signs of a problem. You’ll be glad you did.