How The New Rodenticide Standards Affect Businesses

How The New Rodenticide Standards Affect Businesses


Several years ago, the EPA began looking at ways to reduce the exposure of children, pets and wildlife to rodenticides (bait products used to control mice and rats).  On June 4, 2011, the revised standards developed from this process will go into effect.  In a nutshell, the new standards require any over-the-counter rodenticide bait product to be sold with a tamper-resistant bait station.  Also, some of the rodenticide products formally sold in retail settings will now become “restricted use,” meaning only a professional applicator may use the product.

While the standards may initially seem targeted towards residential consumers, they do affect businesses as well.  Some rodenticides will be required to be in bait stations placed within 50 feet of a building.  If there is a chance of exposure to children, pets or non-target animals, bait stations must be used indoors as well.  Our service, sales and management team have been educated on these new standards, and will ensure our clients are in compliance with the EPA.

More information about the changes, formally known as Final Risk Mitigation Decision for Ten Rodenticides, can be found on the EPA’s website at http://www.epa.gov/opp00001/reregistration/rodenticides/finalriskdecision.htm.

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