How To Get Rid Of Moles

How To Get Rid Of Moles


Do you have unsightly moles? Not on your face–the furry kind that run around on your property. While you’re not likely to see these less than attractive looking earth dwellers roaming around in your yard, you’re definitely not going to miss the unsightly damage they will do to your lawn. These critters will leave volcano-like mounds of dirt and lightning streaks of dead grass all over the place. And it can drive you mad. So how do you get rid of moles? It’s easy if you have an education in wildlife control.

Let’s be honest. We live in an age of how-to videos and self-help information, and learning how to do something is often a few clicks (or a few hundred clicks) away. But, when it comes to getting rid of moles, that is a path best left untraveled. DIY mole solutions sound great. In fact, many will tell you exactly what you need to do to get rid of moles the way a professional would do it. The problem is, getting rid of moles isn’t as simple as they make it sound. It is a lot like watching a self-help video on how to build a new deck on the side of your home. Sure, they can list off all the tools and supplies you’ll need, and walk you through each step, but in the end, you’re probably not going to have a sound structure if you have no previous carpentry experience.

Moles are frustrating creatures. When they get into a yard, their tunneling efforts cause them to scrape at the roots of plants as they search for grubs and worms. This will separate those plants from the soil and prevent them from getting the nourishment they need, and those plants will die. If you have spent money on putting perennials in your yard or invested a lot of time in creating a beautiful lawn, this is a problem that can cause serious stress. Moles tunnel very quickly. And if your mole control efforts fail, you’re going to be left with a mess that’s hard to fix.

It’s also important to understand that getting rid of a mole is only one part of the process. Moles are prone to using evacuated tunneling dug by other moles. A professional pest control technician knows how to address this issue as well.

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