How To Tell If Your Home Has Bed Bugs

How To Tell If Your Home Has Bed Bugs


Think you might have bed bugs? It’s true that these pests can be difficult to locate, but if you know what to look for and where to look, it can be a lot easier to recognize a bed bug infestation. The Kansas City pest control pros at Schendel Pest are experts at locating bed bugs and we want to help you recognize the signs of bed bugs so that you can be better armed in the fight against these frustrating pests.


Signs of bed bugs include:


  • Brownish red splotches on bedding; this is bed bug fecal matter and it is not just limited to bedding! You can find these spots near anywhere bed bugs have fed, including on furniture and carpeting.

  • Shed bed bug skins. Bed bugs outgrow their exoskeletons as they go through their growth stages, so you may see pale brown to almost translucent bed bug skins in areas where bed bugs congregate.

  • You may notice little red bumps or bug bites on your skin upon waking. These are often in rows and you may find two or three at a time.

  • In large infestations, there is a recognizable musty odor that some have compared to the scent of over ripe raspberries.

  • You may actually find live bed bugs hiding in places near the bed, including inside bedside drawers, alarm clocks, behind pictures on the wall and inside your mattress or box spring.


If you have seen any of these signs of bed bugs, contact the bed bug extermination professionals at Schendel Pest. We can send out expertly trained bed bug inspectors or even canine bed bug scent detection teams to accurately identify an infestation. Once we determine a bed bug infestation is present, we can offer the bed bug treatment that suits your particular needs. Whether a heat treatment for bed bugs is necessary or residual insecticides applied to cracks and crevices, we will work hard to make sure your bed bug problem is eradicated.


To learn more about our bed bug canine inspection or to schedule bed bug services, contact the bed bug exterminators at Schendel Pest Services today. We have been providing exceptional pest control services since 1947 and we look forward to working with you to control bed bugs and any other problem pests in your home or business.