I Have Only Seen A Couple Bed Bugs. Should I Be Concerned?

I Have Only Seen A Couple Bed Bugs. Should I Be Concerned?


Your suspicions about bed bugs have led you here. You spotted a couple bed bugs in your sheets or furniture, and now you are not sure what to do next. You are asking yourself, “should I worry about a couple bed bugs?” The answer is always yes. Read on to find out why just a couple bed bugs are cause for greater concern.

Understanding the Bed Bug

To better understand why you should be worried about bed bugs let’s dive into the nitty gritty of bed bugs. There are three things about bed bugs you should know and why you must control them early on.

  1. Bed bugs are small – This handy feature makes them great hiders. That’s good news for bed bugs and terrible news for you. Bed bugs can stowaway undetected, which leads to larger infestations. If you see one or two today, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a bunch more hiding.
  2. Bed bugs can hide anywhere – You may have seen a couple bed bugs on your sheets, but there are places all over your house where they could be hiding. Don’t let the name fool you. Bed bugs don’t dwell only where you sleep. Bed bugs can hide in wallpaper, furniture, along the side of rugs, in cribs and toddler beds, in gym bags and backpacks, and in your luggage. So, when you leave with your bag on your arm, the bed bugs join you. You may unintentionally spread bed bugs to other places.
  3. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding – You can’t starve out a bed bug. They can survive up to a year without feeding. Just when you think you have them under control, they show up again. This is concerning if your home is vacant for any length of time, you are staying in a hotel, or if you are pulling your luggage out of storage. Bed bugs may still be lurking after time has passed.

What to do When You See a Bed Bug

Even if it’s only one bed bug, you need to make the phone call right away. Schendel Pest Services has a bed bug solution that helps you identify bed bugs in your home, find out where they are hiding, and eliminate them with heat treatment. Not to mention that you can meet our incredible 4-legged bed bug inspection team. The sooner you call, even if you only see one or two, the easier it is to prevent a large-scale infestation and to stop bed bugs from spreading throughout your home. Call now to schedule a Schendel Pest Services inspection for bed bugs.

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