Is It Possible To Have Pest Control As A Pet Owner?

Is It Possible To Have Pest Control As A Pet Owner?


Having pets and pests is never a good combination. Sometimes it is your very own pets that are bringing in the pests with them like ticks and fleas. Also certain pests can cause allergic reactions with your pets or even spread disease to your pets. When you notice pests invading your home it is best to call a professional pest exterminator to help you eliminate any current pests and help you keep them away for good.

The question that always seems to linger is whether it’s safe to have a professional pest control team come to your home and eliminate pests when you have pets around. The key to safe pest removal in a home with pets is to make sure that the pest control team you hire is aware that you have pets.

You may think of using a do-it-yourself pest control product. Using such products can accidentally introduce you or your pets to unsafe chemicals. These chemicals can harm your pets and may make them very sick. When it comes to pest removal it is best to consult a professional like the professionals here at Schendel Pest Services. Our well trained service technicians know what products to use and how to use them properly to keep you, your family and your pet’s safe and pest free.

Our professional pest control team can work with you to eliminate pests like fleas and ticks which are commonly found on pets. Even though mosquitoes can’t be completely eliminated, we can significantly reduce the amount mosquitoes that come onto your property and thereby reducing the possible spread of some mosquito transmitted diseases that can affect both you and your pets.

Having our team come in and treat your home for these pests will not only make you more comfortable and safe, but it will also help your pets be more safe and comfortable. Dealing with itchy flea bites, painful tick bites or mosquito bites is upsetting to anyone. Your pets are just as annoyed by these pests and sometimes helpless against their bites. They will be glad when these pests are gone.

Keep your home, family and pets safe this year with the professional home care protection provided by Schendel Pest Services. When you contact us, we will talk to you about your family and pets, as well as your property to serve you safely and effectively. Here at Schendel our vision is to be the most respected Pest Control Company in our markets and to be respected by our customers, co-workers and competitors. We believe that we achieve that by placing honesty and integrity in all that we do. Let us protect your family and four legged family members.


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