Is Termite Service Really Necessary?

Is Termite Service Really Necessary?


Risk management is a sound investment. Wealthy people understand this. It is one of the reasons they stay wealthy.

There are many things in life that can take us by surprise and completely devastate us. Wealthy people wisely transfer the risk of these life-altering events to insurance companies. They understand that, if risk isn’t properly managed, it can erase years of hard work. They don’t wait till someone in their family is diagnosed with a disease that will cost hundreds of thousands to treat–or even millions. They take proactive measures to defer that cost and protect their wealth.

Imagine putting aside money every month for your retirement. Imagine having over $2 million in savings, only to have that money taken away by a medical condition that is treatable. Without the safety net that insurance provides, it is entirely possible.

Okay. Why all this talk about health insurance?

While it isn’t possible to keep difficult things from happening, we can keep those difficulties from leading us down a road to financial ruin. Difficult things are going to happen but, if we plan for them, we can keep them from erasing years of hard work.

When termites are discovered, the financial impact can be devastating. These insects are able to completely total a home and render it worthless. Of course, this doesn’t always happen. Termite damage is often caught before a home is entirely destroyed, but the cost of fixing the damage can be in the tens or hundreds of thousands. When you purchase termite protection for your home, you decide how much you will allow termites to impact your financial well-being. And, unlike a health crisis, termite protection is guaranteed to keep this hardship from occurring at all. It isn’t just risk management, it is complete protection for a threat that could seriously impact your finances and your family.

At Schendel Pest Services, we take this threat seriously. We know the heartbreak that can result from the discovery of termite damage in a home. We don’t want to be the ones who have to tell you that termites have eaten tunnels through the support beams of the home you’ve almost paid off–or that you have spent years and years paying off. We don’t want to be the ones who have to tell you that you can’t use your home as part of your retirement safety net. We would rather come in now, before the damage, and walk you through a process that will protect your equity and give you peace of mind.

Termite service isn’t just necessary, it is a sound investment. If you’re ready to make that investment in your home and your future, reach out to us today.