Is That A Bed Bug Bite?

Is That A Bed Bug Bite?


Spring is just around the corner and for many of us, we know that means the inevitable insect bites after spending more time outside. But how can you be sure that what’s biting you is a mosquito? Could it be bed bug bites? Not that anyone wants to think that there’s bugs in the bed but its important to at least be knowledgeable in how to identify bed bugs and a potential infestation in your home.


Inspect your mattress and sheets for the following signs:


  • Tiny black spots which are fecal matter left behind after a bed bug feeds on your blood.

  • Small light brown colored, almost translucent skin encasements which are shed as the bed bugs feed on blood and grow into their different life stages.

  • Small blood spots which could also be left behind after bed bugs get a blood meal.


Look out for these signs as well:


  • Live bed bugs which resemble an apple seed in size. You want to check areas around the bed for these pests – headboards, night stands, under carpets, behind hanging artwork, even in electrical outlets. Bed bugs are great at hiding!

  • The smell of over ripe raspberries. Strange but this is actually a sign of a more serious infestation of bed bugs.

  • Waking up to itchy red bumps on your skin. Bed bugs tend to bite in clusters of 3 so try to find a pattern in the bites that you do have.


If you do think you have bed bugs, don’t worry! All you need to do is call a pest control professional for a fast and safe bed bug extermination. Keep in mind that homeowners who attempt to get rid of bed bugs on their own are not successful. This is not a DIY pest control remedy.


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