Is Year-Round Pest Service Enough?

Is Year-Round Pest Service Enough?


It probably sounds self-defeating for a pest control company to say that year-round pest service isn’t enough. But in some cases, it isn’t. The following is a real world example of how things can go wrong with pest service, and how Schendel works to prevent this breakdown from happening.

It is possible to think you’re doing everything necessary to protect yourself from pests, only to find out you’re not. We recently received a frustrated message from someone experiencing this very thing. They store rice, beans, vitamins and soy which are, as you can imagine, tasty treats for most pests. In this case, the pests that decided to move in is mice. What makes this infestation even more frustrating is that the people who store these goods say they have always had an “exterminator” come out monthly, and that this is “obviously” not working. They are paying someone to protect them monthly and yet they are finding mice nesting in rice bags, on some of their pallets. So, what is going wrong here? The key can be found in word exterminator.

There was a time when a pest control company would only be called to exterminate pests. These companies were even called exterminators. But those days are gone–along with the Dark Ages and bell bottoms. Modern pest companies still offer extermination services, but not on a monthly basis. Extermination is only used when a pest can no longer be controlled or managed. The goal of modern pest management is: prevention. Not damage control.

What is effective pest management?

It is a partnership between the client and the pest management company. The pest controller promises to use all their knowledge and resources to keep target pests out, and the client promises to do what is necessary to make their home or business resistant to pests. When both parties work together toward a common goal, pests can be controlled.

In the case above, something broke down. Maybe the pest controller missed something. Maybe the client didn’t keep particulate matter cleaned up and it lured mice in. Maybe a garage door was left open. Any number of things can go wrong in pest control. Mice are clever and resourceful pests with teeth that can chew through sheet metal. Keeping them out of a storage area with pallets of tasty morsels is a hard job that can only be accomplished when both sides work together.

Is the answer to abandon monthly visits from a pest controller? Of course not. Those mice would have full run of that storage room.

So, what is the solution? Stop thinking of pest management as extermination. There is no magic bullet to protect a food storage area from mice. It takes a careful examination of pest pressures, proper trap monitoring, ongoing inspections, a safe application of products where they are needed, and proper sanitary practices. It is a partnership between the pest technician and the client. When it is done right, those food stores are safe.

If it’s time for you to have a partnership with a pest control company, then contact the experts here at Schendel today and learn about our complete home and commercial pest management plans.


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