It's A New Year!

It’s A New Year!


Happy 2011!  It’s time for resolutions, new beginnings and fresh starts.  Here at Schendel we start the year with new budgets, new strategic plans and new goals.  But as is usually the case in business and in life, we don’t really have a clean slate.  We have 64 years of successes and opportunities to learn from and improve upon.  So we are merely learning from yesterday to plan for a successful tomorrow. 

As I’ve been setting my goals for 2011, I have looked to our Schendel values to guide me.  We ask all our co-workers to embrace and live by these values.  I thought I’d share the ones that are customer-focused with you:

  • Honesty and integrity in all we do.

  • Pleasing customers by doing what is needed to meet their needs in a safe, legal and ethical manner.

  • Delivery of consistent service by following company’s service strategies.

  • An open door for feedback.

  • Direct and honest communication with co-workers and customers.

  • Accountability to each other for all our actions.

  • Regulatory compliance in all we do.

I am committed to ensuring all Schendel co-workers live by these values.  I encourage you to share with me when they do, and when they don’t.  Your feedback is a key component in making sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.  You can fill out the form below, or e-mail me at tellbrent@pestzero.com.

I hope 2011 will be year of happiness and blessings for your family!