It's That Time Again… Clover Mite Season

It’s That Time Again… Clover Mite Season


Clover mites are not destroyers of property or belongings nor do they pose a danger to human health. However, this tiny nuisance pest can become a problem when invading homes, medical facilities, and other places of business. They do not live long inside but will create a real annoyance with cosmetic issues from red stains when the clover mites are crushed. Ironically, the red stain is not blood but rather the pigment of body parts.

The clover mite is not an insect, but is equipped with eight legs much like the spider and tick. Their front legs are much longer than the rest and are sometimes mistaken for a pair of antennae. Under close and magnified viewing, however, it is clear that they are indeed legs. Unlike blood sucking ticks and bed bugs, the clover mite feeds on plants receiving nutrition by sucking plant juices from grasses, clover, and other common yard plants.

The clover mites go through four life stages that include: egg, nymph, larvae, and mature adult. Clover mite populations can reach exponential numbers quickly with females laying up to 70 eggs and maturity for each egg hatched in 30 days or less. Clover mites also reproduce by parthenogenesis, simply meaning that the female is able to reproduce without being fertilized by a male clover mite.

Clover mites can withstand the winter by lodging in dry, protected areas, especially in the egg stage. These eggs will overwinter in walls of buildings, cracks in sidewalks and driveways, and in logs. When spring hits, the overwintering eggs hatch as soon as the temperatures warm up toward the 50-degree mark and quickly reach adult maturity. A second group of clover mites emerge in the fall.

Do-it-yourself methods are not recommended when managing clover mite infestations. The over the counter chemicals are ineffective most of the time and can become a threat to family members and pets when not used or stored properly. Additionally, this does nothing to solve the source of the problem which is identifying how and where the clover mites are entering your building.

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