Make Sure Crickets Are Not Chirping Inside

Make Sure Crickets Are Not Chirping Inside


The sound of crickets. It may be soothing to fall asleep to at night as long as they are outside of the home and not chirping away inside. Crickets including the common house cricket are found throughout Kansas including Topeka and Kansas City. They become an issue for some homeowners when they find a way to gain access into the home. House crickets are not a dangerous pest but they can certainly become a nuisance between the chirping at night and the potential for chewing up fabrics.

House crickets are likely to enter homes when conditions outside become too cold. They may not be very big, only about ½ to â…ž of an inch in size, but females can lay up to 728 eggs under ideal breeding conditions. This does not sound like a good pest to have residing in your home! While house crickets are not a danger, they are certainly difficult to get rid of which is why the Kansas pest control specialists at Schendel Pest Services explain how infestations can be avoided as the weather begins to cool down this fall.

  1. Carefully inspect the outside of the home including the foundation, windows and doors for any cracks or holes. Seal them off with caulking or have a professional do this for you.

  2. Check areas of the home where electrical and plumbing connections lead to the outside and be sure that any holes here are also properly sealed off.

  3. Replace any screens in the windows that contain holes or tears and be sure the screens fit securely in the window space.

As we mentioned before, getting rid of crickets is not easily accomplished with DIY measures.  If you start noticing crickets or other overwintering pests in your home, the experts at Schendel will be able to safely and quickly eliminate and prevent new activity with our trusted home pest control services.

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