Make Your Home A ‘No Flies’ Zone

Make Your Home A ‘No Flies’ Zone


Summer arrives and so do the annoying house flies in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout Kansas and the Midwest. Among the many summer pests that you may find, house flies are not a pest to take lightly. Sure, they are a common pest to find but this does not mean that you should allow flies to continue to buzz through your kitchen and other rooms of the home. The Topeka pest control pros at Schendel Pest Services are here to explain why.


House flies are one of the most common types of flies that are found infesting homes in Kansas as well as throughout the country. Not only are they a nuisance and hard to control but house flies are also known carriers of many different pathogens, or disease organisms.


You are most likely to find these flies near the garbage, fecal matter, or any decaying materials in the home. Upon landing, house flies will regurgitate which can very easily spread disease to people who later come into contact with the same areas. Gross, we know! The good news is that there are ways to help control and reduce flies in your home. Here are a few tips from the KS pest control pros:


  • Keep garbage, animal feces, and any decaying materials in trash cans that are tightly covered.

  • Sanitize food surfaces before and after each use as a precaution to prevent the spread of disease.

  • Be sure all windows and doors that are going to be kept open have a screen to prevent flies from getting inside.

  • Check the exterior for any openings including smaller cracks and holes and have these spaces sealed off.

  • Always continue your year round pest control services to help reduce the threat of house flies.


If you are still dealing with flies in your home after following these sanitation and exclusion tips, then it is time to give us a call at Schendel Pest Services. Fly control is a very serious matter and can prevent illness from spreading to you and/or members of your family. So for those in Topeka, Kansas City or throughout our pest control service area, give us a call if you are in need of fly control!