Moles And Voles Bring Damages To KS Properties

Moles And Voles Bring Damages To KS Properties


If you are looking outside your window and seeing golf ball sized holes, tunnels across the yard, mounds of grass and dirt or disrupted plant roots, you may be victim to a mole or vole infestation. Both of these lawn pests can be detrimental to your landscape and not to mention the cost of repairing and replacing expensive landscaping. But since these pests are hard to avoid all together, it is important to at least be aware of moles and voles so you can find them and get rid of them, fast!


Identify moles and voles in Kansas


Moles are small with long narrow snouts, tiny eyes and very powerful front claws for digging in the dirt. Many people assume that moles are rodents but in fact they are considered insectivores. Voles on the other hand, which are rodents, look a lot like mice but have a blunt nose and more stout body. They appear quite different but they both cause their fair share of problems on properties across Kansas.


Damages they cause


Moles are most known for digging tunnels underground in order to look for earthworms to feed on. They can dig up to 100 feet a day which can clearly cause a lot of damage to your grass and landscape in very little time. Voles are more into eating the plants and vegetation on your property. And what’s worse, they are prolific breeders which means they multiply fast! Damage happens fast with both of these pests.


Prevent mole and vole damages


The best way to avoid the costly damages that both moles and voles cause is to contact us at Schendel Pest Services at the first sign of any damages to your lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent these pests from wandering onto your property but the good news is that we do offer mole control and can help you get rid of voles in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout our pest control service area.


Our mole and vole control programs include a thorough inspection of the property to asses the pest at hand and the extent of the damage. Then we will insert baiting stations in the areas where there has been pest activity and this bait will kill moles or voles that try to enter your property. In addition, we can continue to monitor your property to stay ahead of any new activity.


If moles and voles have been destroying your landscaping and healthy grass, now is the time to sign up for Schendel Pest Services mole control program. Contact us for a free inspection today! To help repair damages in place from mole activity on your lawn, contact our friends at Schendel Lawn & Landscape!