Packing Up After The Holidays

Packing Up After The Holidays


With the start of the New Year many of us are quick to take down the holiday decorations so we can start the year with a clean slate. But have you considered the possible risk of a pest infestation if your decorations have not been properly packed? The last thing you want to find next year are rodents or insects mixed in with your favorite ornaments. To get those in the Kansas City, Topeka and other areas in Kansas started off with a pest free new year, Schendel Pest Services would like offer a few tips in packing up your holiday decorations.

  • It’s a good idea to wash stockings and linens so they are free of any food debris and then store them in a bag with a seal. This will lock out moisture and potential pests such as mice or rats from destroying your delicate items.

  • Be sure that if you have an artificial Christmas tree, you have a proper tree bag to store it in. The box that the tree originally came in is not going to hold up safely in storage for the years to come. As with the linens, the cardboard box that trees come in does not block moisture or pest invaders.

  • Invest in plastic storage totes with tight fitting lids if you have not already. These are the perfect storage containers for all of your decorations. Aside from keeping out pests, these totes are easy to store and label so that next year’s start to the holidays is a more organized.

  • As you are packing away decorations and ornaments, it is always important to check for any damaged, broken or moldy looking decorations. Many children work hard to make fun and often edible decorations for the tree but these pose as a serious temptation for rodents and other pests  looking for some food. By organizing and sorting your decorations you will also be able to assess what you might need for the next year again, making it easier for the next holiday season.

  • Make sure that your selected storage space for holiday decorations is both dry and clear of any signs of an infestation. Check for mice droppings, spider webs, chewed through materials, these are all signs that your decorations may not be safe.

If you do find any signs of an infestation in your home, be sure to contact the Kansas pest control professionals. Make your new year free from pests and keep all of your holiday memories stored safely through the seasons. For more information on pest control services in Kansas City or other service areas, contact Schendel Pest Services today.

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