Pantry Pests In Homes And Businesses

Pantry Pests In Homes And Businesses


Both home and business owners have to be on the lookout for pantry pests. Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles and other food infesting pests, pantry bugs and beetles in Kansas can contaminate food and cause you to lose product and money. There are many reasons to eliminate these pests from your home or your facility, but what can be done to get rid of these problematic pests? Call on the pest control services provided by the professionals at Schendel Pest Services for complete pantry pest control services in your home or business.

In a home, pantry pests often enter through holes in window and door screens, gaps around doors and through other cracks or crevices in the home’s exterior. They may also come into your home on the groceries you purchase. They may already be infesting flour, cake mixes, bird seed and other products you purchase, which is why it is vital that you inspect these products at the store, before you bring them home with you. You may realize you have an infestation of pantry pests when you open your pantry doors and moths fly out, or you find actual moths (and the juvenile forms of these pests) inside stored food or even in your baked cookies or cakes. If you see an infestation of these pests inside your home, you need to isolate the pests so that they cause no further damage. This can be done by enclosing infested products in re-sealable plastic bags and placing them in the freezer. This will halt all life stages of the insects inside and when the product is completely frozen, it can be thrown into an outside garbage receptacle. You will also want to perform an inspection on all other products in your cupboards and do a deep clean of the shelving.

In a business, pantry beetles and other pantry pests may enter in similar ways. They can get into your facility through gaps in the exterior or from product purchased through a supplier. You will need to inspect boxes of product as well as the products themselves for signs of pantry pests. Because these pests can infest your product, any infested product must be thrown away, thus causing you to lose money. Once you’ve found one pantry pest infestation, you will be forced to check your entire inventory, making sure it remains pantry pest free. If pantry pests should make it into your final product, your reputation can be damaged, which can cost you even more money. To prevent this, a relationship with a commercial pest control company like the folks at Schendel Pest Services can be beneficial. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control in Kansas City for your facility.

If you suspect a pantry pest problem in your home or facility, the professionals of pest control in Topeka can assist you with inspection, eliminate and prevention of these pests. For more information on all our services available in Kansas, contact Schendel Pest Services today!