Pests Threaten Food Processing And Storage Facilities Everyday

Pests Threaten Food Processing And Storage Facilities Everyday


There are three things that like us, pests can’t live without – food, water, and shelter. It just so happens that food processing and storage facilities offer all three of these things in an almost unending supply. This makes food processing and storage facilities major targets for pest infestations; the best way to protect your facility from the wide variety of pests that are trying to find their way inside is to put into place a professional pest control plan. Schendel Pest Services creates commercial pest control plans that meet all the unique needs of any food processing and storage facility and work to protect your building, employees and customers from pest dangers and damages!

Pests like ants, mice, filth flies, cockroaches, and more are huge threats to food processing and storage facilities. If precautions aren’t put into place any pest could easily find their way inside your facility and make themselves right at home feeding, breeding, and living in the products stored inside. Having pest issues in your facility will lead to serious consequences for both you and your business; some of those consequences include:

  • Pests can introduce diseases and bacteria into your facility that could potentially make your employees and/or customers very ill.

  • Pests like rodent and termites can cause extensive and costly damage to the structure of your facility.

  • Pest can damage the inventory inside of your facility causing a major loss of profits.

  • They will damage the reputation of your facility within the community. It just takes one customer to spot something that isn’t on the ingredient list to cause lasting damage to your facilities status.

By choosing Schendel Pest Services to provide pest control in your food processing and/or storage facility you are choosing a company that understands not only how important quality pest control is to the health and safety of your facility, but how important it is to its overall reputation. At Schendel we not only correct the pest issues you may currently have but put into place preventative control measure to help stop future problems.

Through Schendel’s Integrated Pest Management protocols, we provide customers with thorough routine inspections, audits, treatment protocols, and an on-site fully documented log book. We even offer on-site training for your employees! Additional commercial pest control options that we offer include the choice of Organic Pest Management and Vegetation Control to help maintain the grass and landscaping located around your facility.

Don’t let pests threaten your customers, employees, business, or your reputation for another day, contact Schendel Pest Services now!